Category: Adult Leadership

When Disaster Strikes: Safety Comes From Inside Ourselves

An earthquake, fire, flood, or tornado devastates a community.  A young man shoots up a movie theater, a school, a town, or an army base. An arsonist sets off a forest fire. A loved one is suddenly hit by a car or dies of a heart attack.  Terrorists set off a bomb or fly airplanes […]

Positive Prevention to Stop Violence Without Blaming Victims

As advocates of stopping child abuse, rape, and other assaults, we need to be careful to avoid language that implies that victims of violence might have been able to “prevent” what happened. However, some advocates object to teaching “violence and abuse prevention” because they believe that this puts the responsibility for stopping violence on the […]

Advocating With Family Members for Your Kids

When family members act unsafely or cross boundaries in ways that might be harmful to our kids, our job is to speak up in a powerful and respectful way. These stories and guidelines show how to do this effectively.

7 Kidpower Strategies for Keeping Your Child Safe

These core Kidpower strategies provide important guidance for parents and other caring adults in the actions they can take to protect their children from bullying, abuse, kidnapping, violence,and other dangers.

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