Category: Bullying Prevention

Bullying Facts and Solutions: Upsetting Statistics and 4 Actions You Can Take

This article contains some of the facts and statistics that we have found to make the biggest impact on how adults and parents come to realize bullying as a problem not only in their community but throughout the entire country as well.

Bullying and Homophobia: Addressing Identity-Based Attacks While Respecting Different Beliefs

Bullying from homophobia is too often overlooked. Here’s how to protect all kids from bullying while understanding that many people are uncomfortable about LGBTQ issues.

Practice as a Management Tool for Unsafe, Disrespectful Behavior

Bullying can be stopped when adults are prepared to intervene in the moment.  Bullying – What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe provides solutions for families, schools, and youth organizations. When children say or do things that are hurtful, rude, destructive, or potentially dangerous, parents and teachers can find themselves trying to manage […]

Shunning and Exclusion: Kidpower Skills for Protecting Children From Relational Bullying

Shunning is bullying, and kids deserve protection. Our bullying solutions book,  Bullying – What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe, is used by many families, schools, and youth organizations for their anti-bullying activities. My Own Story “Betty” was the bane of my childhood. From the time I was seven until I […]

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