Category: Everyday Safety Plans

Kidpower Safety Plans for Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are vulnerable to being targeted for bullying, abuse, and other violence. The Kidpower approach emphasizes making Safety Plans in order to prevent problems.

Safety Plans for Preparing Children to Do Things that Make Adults Worried

Children’s drive to explore and be more independent can give ulcers to their parents. It can be challenging to find the right balance between keeping children safe while letting them visit new places, be with new people and do more adventurous things. The Boy Who Thought He Could Fly I can remember my son Arend […]

Halloween Safety – The Kidpower Way! A Grab Bag of Safety Treats and Tricks for Your Family!

A little bit of planning ahead of time can make a huge difference in making sure that everybody has a great time on Halloween.

Safety With Animals

Animals are important beings in their own right, with each species having its unique characteristics. Some children are afraid of animals because they are different. Others can get so excited that they might do things that could harm an animal or cause the animal to harm them. In both cases, children need to learn how […]

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