Category: Kidnapping Prevention and Stranger Safety

Jaycee Dugard – What Might Have Helped to Protect Her?

I have felt both heartsick and inspired by the Diane Sawyer interviews with Jaycee Dugard. These interviews and Jaycee’s brave book tell the hard, courageous story about how Jaycee got assaulted with a stun gun and kidnapped from a country road on her way to catch the school bus at age 11; her 18-year ordeal; […]

Kidnapping – What We CAN DO to Keep Our Kids Safe!

The courageous, heartbreaking story of Jaycee Dugard – and the tragic murder of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzy – have brought the terrifying reality of kidnapping to the forefront for millions of parents and other caring adults. We will never know whether or not what we teach in Kidpower might have prevented these two horrifying abductions, but […]

Strangers At School: Tools to Build Understanding

“Don’t you think this is going too far?” asked a parent during a Kidpower Parent/Caregiver Education Workshop at an elementary school.  “Following the Kidpower safety rules would mean that a child eight years old or younger on his own passing a parent he didn’t know in the hallway at school wouldn’t talk to the adult, because the […]

Teaching Stranger Safety ~ The Kidpower Way

‘Stranger danger’ is, unfortunately, a commonly used phrase.  The phrase brings to mind worries we have about what strangers might do, and those worries can make it hard to remember what even very small children know, that a stranger is simply a person we don’t know. Most adults and many children have strong, often unpleasant […]

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