Category: Kidnapping Prevention and Stranger Safety

Halloween Safety – The Kidpower Way! A Grab Bag of Safety Treats and Tricks for Your Family!

A little bit of planning ahead of time can make a huge difference in making sure that everybody has a great time on Halloween.

Just in Case: What Children Need to Know if They Cannot Get Away at First

When we hear about horrifying kidnappings, it is hard to not become overwhelmed with anxiety. Here are some ideas for how to protect kids rather than traumatize them with too much information.   The  Kidpower Book for Caring Adults provides tools for preparing young  people to navigate their world with safety and confidence. Most of […]

Jaycee Dugard – What Might Have Helped to Protect Her?

I have felt both heartsick and inspired by the Diane Sawyer interviews with Jaycee Dugard. These interviews and Jaycee’s brave book tell the hard, courageous story about how Jaycee got assaulted with a stun gun and kidnapped from a country road on her way to catch the school bus at age 11; her 18-year ordeal; […]

Kidnapping – What We CAN DO to Keep Our Kids Safe!

The courageous, heartbreaking story of Jaycee Dugard – and the tragic murder of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzy – have brought the terrifying reality of kidnapping to the forefront for millions of parents and other caring adults. We will never know whether or not what we teach in Kidpower might have prevented these two horrifying abductions, but […]

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