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7 Keys for Teaching Safety Skills To Everyone, Everywhere

In the past quarter century of teaching safety skills, we at Kidpower have learned that HOW we teach is as important as WHAT we teach. Our following 7 Keys can make a big difference in motivating people to want to learn about safety and in preparing them to use these skills in daily life. Stay […]

Protecting Kids from Suicidal Thoughts

Protecting kids from suicidal thoughts Most people including kids have times when they feel very down and can’t see how things can get better. A few feel this so deeply that they think about, or act to end their life. Young people have a lot going on in their lives: managing increasingly complex relationships including […]

10 Core Kidpower “People Safety” Skills

Use this checklist of 10 core skills for being safe with people to ensure that you and everyone important to you are prepared to stay safe, make wise choices, increase your confidence, and develop strong relationships.

When Disaster Strikes: Safety Comes From Inside Ourselves

An earthquake, fire, flood, or tornado devastates a community.  A young man shoots up a movie theater, a school, a town, or an army base. An arsonist sets off a forest fire. A loved one is suddenly hit by a car or dies of a heart attack.  Terrorists set off a bomb or fly airplanes […]

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