Category: Responding to News Events

For Jessica Christine Ridgeway: Sorrow and Determination

Adults worry about how to talk with children when a tragedy happens, and this is when our kids need our guidance more than ever. We can offer that guidance by making thoughtful choices about the words we say, the feelings we express, and the ways we cope with our own adult-level feelings.

Answers to Common Questions About Violent Attacks: Kidpower Response to Tragic Shootings

The senseless school shooting at Northern Illinois University brings up heart-breaking reminders of other outbursts of tragic violence. Kidpower answers key questions in response to how to handle the emotional turmoil preceding these events.

Penn State Sanctions Set New Path to Success

The NCAA’s penalties for the Penn State’s football program send a clear message from the national level that child safety should be put ahead football, winning, and hero worship. The message that the well-being of kids is more important than sports is revolutionary. By moving through this hard situation, Penn State Football, and the University as a whole, can develop a reputation of true excellence built on a foundation of integrity, courage, and safety.

Protect Your Child From Abduction: Safety Checklist to Prepare Kids to Go Without Adult Protection

Make sure your kids are prepared to avoid and escape from danger on the way to school, a friend’s house, the store, or anytime they go out without adult protection. Download a free one-page “Kidpower Safety Checklist for Parents” about how to prepare kids and assess to ensure they are ready to recognize potential danger and make safe choices immediately.

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