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Tragic Shootings: Kidpower Answers to Common Questions About How To Be Safe

Each new outburst of mass violence brings bring up heart-breaking reminders of other tragedies. How can we work together to help prevent future attacks? What actions can we take to protect ourselves and others if faced with sudden violence?

Want to be a Kidpower Instructor? Apply now for January 2013 Training

Have you been thinking about learning to teach Kidpower? Now is the time to let us know! Our annual Kidpower Comprehensive Program Training, which is an essential part of the process of becoming certified to teach our program, will take place January 24th-29th, 2013 in Santa Cruz, California. We will accept applications until November 15 OR until […]

Most Teachers Are Heroes! 9 Ways Parents Can Support Teachers in Building Safe, Positive Learning Environments

I have the privilege of meeting a lot of teachers through Kidpower, and most of them do a tremendous job under challenging circumstances with very limited resources and not nearly enough appreciation. As parents, grandparents, volunteers, or people supporting a school community in other ways, we have the power to honor the people teaching our kids by taking action that supports their efforts. Here are nine ways of making their job easier.

Most Teachers Are Heroes! – How Parents Can Support Them!

The “Most Teachers Are Heroes” article was inspired by a conversation with a couple of wonderful teachers at a coffee shop last Saturday. I had mentioned to them an article I’m working on about protecting kids from bullying by teachers and other adults. They winced, not because this topic isn’t important, but because getting everything ready for […]

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