Category: Boundary Setting

Customer Power: Dealing with Rude Salespeople

Reader’s Problem: Sales clerks and waiters are often really rude to me. I feel frustrated because they don’t seem to respect me as a customer. I don’t want to be rude myself, but can’t figure out what else to do. Kidpower Answer: It is normal to feel as if the only way to fight rudeness […]

Conscious Apologies

Some people just hate to apologize. They deny or ignore mistakes or behavior that is harmful to others.  They refuse to admit that they are wrong. They act as if being wrong means that they are terrible people. The problem with never apologizing, of course, is that you can cause conflicts to escalate and can […]

Taking Charge of the Wishing Technique

Personal safety strategies are steps we can take to make things safer or to help get our needs met.  Sometimes, we try strategies without even thinking about it – and sometimes those strategies are not effective.  In some of our workshops, we demonstrate the “wishing technique” that people use frequently to try to get someone […]

Integrity in Communication

I have seen too many important relationships damaged and destroyed simply because the parties involved complained to others instead of bringing themselves to speak directly to each other or to someone who had the power to help them. Lack of integrity in communication can result in heartbreak and vast amounts of wasted energy in families, […]

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