Category: Emotional Safety

Conscious Giving: How to Set Priorities and Resist Pressure

In our boundary-setting workshops for teens and adults, participants often ask about ways to say “No” to requests for money or gifts without feeling guilty. We coach them to practice staying calm while kindly but firmly refusing requests. To protect their emotional safety, they can give themselves inner messages as “notes to self.” For example: […]

Positive Prevention to Stop Violence Without Blaming Victims

As advocates of stopping child abuse, rape, and other assaults, we need to be careful to avoid language that implies that victims of violence might have been able to “prevent” what happened.

Seven Emotional Safety Techniques

Emotional triggers can get in the way of healthy and respectful communications. These 7 emotional safety techniques have helped to reduce stress and improve relationships for people as young as 2 and as old as 102 of many different cultures from all over the world.

CollegePower for Students – Take Charge of Your Own Safety!

At any stage of life, changing where you are, whom you are with, and what you are doing can bring wonderful adventures – and these changes can also make you more vulnerable to having problems. As a college student, you are statistically more likely to be vulnerable to having problems during the first few weeks of your first year at college, so this is a time to proceed with extra caution.

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