Category: Emotional Safety

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Many people ask, “How can I calm myself down when I am under pressure so that I can make better choices for myself?” This is a great question because you will be far more effective at handling difficult situations if you are calm and aware rather than upset and anxious. It is normal for most […]

Personal Safety and Online Resources ~ Check the Source

Emails with safety tips are often scary, and often wrong. Personal safety decisions are important, so take the time to base them in accurate information.  We recommend that you do not use information from unknown sources to protect the well-being and safety of yourself and your children. Find information from respected experts in the field, […]

True Safety for Women: A Response to Fearful Messages

In making decisions about how to create true safety in your life, we encourage you to keep the following points in mind: The Internet and other media are full of misleading or inaccurate messages about personal safety. Especially women are given a confusing combination of upsetting stories, a couple of good ideas, and some fear-based […]

Sexual Harassment: Another Kind of Pollution

Every time Marcia glanced up from her desk at the office, her co-worker across the room was staring at her. He didn’t say anything—he just looked at her in a way that made her feel as if he were trying to take her clothes off with his eyes. When she asked him to stop, he […]

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