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CollegePower for Parents: Promoting Your College Student’s Independence, Safety, and Wisdom

Here is some guidance for parents to help protect your your new college student from harm as well as lay the foundation for a strong positive relationship with your child as an independent adult.

CollegePower for Students – Take Charge of Your Own Safety!

At any stage of life, changing where you are, whom you are with, and what you are doing can bring wonderful adventures – and these changes can also make you more vulnerable to having problems. As a college student, you are statistically more likely to be vulnerable to having problems during the first few weeks of your first year at college, so this is a time to proceed with extra caution.

Siobhán’s Journey: Facing ALS With Courage, Love, Joy, and Power

Siobhán is a childhood friend of Marylaine Léger, our Québec Center Director. Siobhán wants to share her story widely so others get to “meet” her and learn about living with ALS – and also as a legacy for her 3 children. She is happy to answer questions and to hear other’s stories. As I watched the […]

Unsafe Words We Use On Ourselves

Note: Abby Bleistein is a primary care physician board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. She is also a Kidpower Board member. In this article, Dr. Bleistein describes how she uses the Kidpower skills of protecting ourselves from hurting words to combat negative self-talk. I often have patients come to me for advice on losing […]

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