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CollegePower for Students – Take Charge of Your Own Safety!

At any stage of life, changing where you are, whom you are with, and what you are doing can bring wonderful adventures – and these changes can also make you more vulnerable to having problems. As a college student, you are statistically more likely to be vulnerable to having problems during the first few weeks of your first year at college, so this is a time to proceed with extra caution.

Siobhán’s Journey: Facing ALS With Courage, Love, Joy, and Power

Siobhán is a childhood friend of Marylaine Léger, our Québec Center Director. Siobhán wants to share her story widely so others get to “meet” her and learn about living with ALS – and also as a legacy for her 3 children. She is happy to answer questions and to hear other’s stories. As I watched the […]

Unsafe Words We Use On Ourselves

Note: Abby Bleistein is a primary care physician board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. She is also a Kidpower Board member. In this article, Dr. Bleistein describes how she uses the Kidpower skills of protecting ourselves from hurting words to combat negative self-talk. I often have patients come to me for advice on losing […]

Round Like a Full Moon

Our best lessons often come from our students. During a workshop for young adults with developmental delays, a large heavy-set young man, Lester, said very sadly and earnestly, “But, Irene, I AM fat and ugly! What good words can I say to myself about THAT?” “Lester, when you look at the moon,” I said, “It […]

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