Category: Personal Safety

Travel Safety Tips: Ideas for planning and enjoying trips so the risk of assault, injury, or other emergency is reduced

Bring personal safety with you on all your travels, be they short or long!  Leaving your daily life to journey to a new place can be a terrific, freeing experience. You can learn a lot, meet interesting people, rejoice in beauty, have great fun, and create lasting memories.  At the same time, nothing wrecks the […]

Personal Safety to Help Stop Domestic Violence

I often teach personal safety classes to survivors of domestic violence. I would like you to picture joining me in a living room full of women who are asking with great sadness and some desperation, “How did I end up in this situation? What could I have done differently? How can I keep my children […]

Addressing Cultural Issues in Teaching People Safety

In every culture where I have taught “People Safety” skills, including my own, sooner or later someone always says, “But in OUR culture, things are different.” And, of course, this person is right! In each culture, many things are different. At Kidpower, we use the term “People Safety” to mean people being emotionally and physically […]

Personal Safety Skills for Seniors

Elderly people can protect themselves from most bullying, abuse, and violence by learning personal safety skills.  During a Seniorpower workshop led by our Montreal Center Director Marylaine Leger, a man came abruptly into the room and sat down. The elderly women and men in her workshop clearly knew this man from their Senior Center and […]

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