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Sad Clovis Child Sexual Abuse Story – Seven Actions Adults Can Take to Protect Kids

Sad story about a second grade teacher in Clovis, California, who allegedly molested of his students left parents and teachers wondering who to trust, what to tell their children, and how to keep their kids safe from this ever happening again. Kidpower recommends these seven actions to parents, teachers, and other caring adults for protecting their kids from abuse.

The Legacy of Joe Paterno: An Opportunity for Lasting Change

Update July 24, 2012. The following article was written before the investigation that showed what a big role Joe Paterno played in the coverup of the abuse that took place at Penn State Football. We no longer believe that the information on which this was based is accurate. Instead, please see these articles: What Penn State […]

Healthy Relationships ONLINE Program for young people with intellectual disabilities FREE until November 30th

Our New Zealand Centre has developed an entertaining and interactive Healthy Relationships program based on the Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower curriculum to provide more resources for teens and young adults with intellectual disabilities free until Nov 30th.

“If you see something, say something!” – Knowledge That Might Have Prevented Jaycee Dugard’s Ordeal

Dr. Amy Tiemann, Kidpower North Carolina Center Director and my co-author on our new book project, Doing Right by Our Kids, points out that the public safety message “If you see something, say something” is equally relevant for child safety.

Jaycee Dugard – What Might Have Helped to Protect Her?

I have felt both heartsick and inspired by the Diane Sawyer interviews with Jaycee Dugard. These interviews and Jaycee’s brave book tell the hard, courageous story about how Jaycee got assaulted with a stun gun and kidnapped from a country…

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