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What Should I Tell My Kids About When To Fight? Kidpower.org Answer to a Reader’s Question

Before we teach children and teens how to fight in our self-defense workshops, we coach them until they are successful in practicing skills that will make fighting unnecessary most of the time.

YOUR Kidpower testimonial is needed to make kids safer!

For our special press release about this educational outreach, we need quotes from people who have used our program to help make kids safer.

My son’s best friends are bullying him! – What should I do?

When your child’s best friends turn on them and start bullying him/her, it can be a difficult situation. Kidpower outlines a 5-step strategy on preparing your child to confront his/her friends and help stop the hurtful bullying.

For Phillip Parker, Dead at Age 14 – Loving Kids is Not Enough

Yet another young life has been tragically lost because of bullying. Last week, fourteen-year-old Phillip Parker committed suicide. His parents say he had been cruelly bullied for being gay. It’s not enough to love your kids and to be upset and worried about the bullying. Parents, educators, youth leaders, and all caring adults must take these actions to help prevent young people who are being bullied from being overwhelmed by despair.

Introduction to One Million Safer Kids

What if any of us saw a child about to be harmed? We’d want to do something to help that child! Our challenge is to understand what to do and when to do it.

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