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We are a 2012 Top-Rated Nonprofit!

Thanks to the heart-warming stories shared by many of our readers and supporters, Kidpower has been awarded a top-rated listing for 2012 by Great Nonprofits.

“LIKE” to make kids safer!

Please take two minutes to help people be safer: go to Amazon and “LIKE” the Kidpower Older and Younger Kids Safety Comics. This will immediately increase their visibility and help introduce them to others.

Protect Your Child From Abduction: Safety Checklist to Prepare Kids to Go Without Adult Protection

Make sure your kids are prepared to avoid and escape from danger on the way to school, a friend’s house, the store, or anytime they go out without adult protection. Download a free one-page “Kidpower Safety Checklist for Parents” about how to prepare kids and assess to ensure they are ready to recognize potential danger and make safe choices immediately.

Jerry Sandusky: Betrayer of Children’s Love and Trust – 5 Ways To Protect Kids

Here are five steps Kidpower recommends to protect children from being betrayed by someone they love and trust.

Celebrate PRIDE Week Safely and with Confidence

Violence because of someone’s sexual orientation and identify is just as much of a hate crime as violence due to other forms of prejudice. Both during PRIDE Week and at other times, we encourage members of the LGBTQ community and their allies to be proud of who they are – and to keep these seven People Safety strategies from Kidpower.org in mind so they can celebrate with safety and confidence.

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