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Kidpower Benefits from Miller Avenue Whole Foods “Dimes for Donations” Program through July 6th!

Thank you to Whole Foods Market – and to you for your interest in protecting and empowering young people in your community.

Summer Safety Resources

Taking trips, going to camp, or spending more time on their own in the neighborhood can be great for kids in the summer. But changing routines and going to new places can also present new risks. Here are some resources providing simple steps parents can take and safety skills they can teach their kids before summer camp and recreational activities start, in ways that are fun and age-appropriate rather than scary.

“What If Someone Starts Shooting Kids At My School?” – A Heartbreaking Question No Child Should Ever Have To Ask

Every time a school shooting occurs, parents, teachers, and other caring adults want to know what to say to their children. Our job is to provide reassuring, truthful information in an age-appropriate fashion without putting upsetting images in our children’s heads that don’t need to be there. Here how to protect children’s emotional safety right now as we are figuring out how to take action to prevent tragedies like this in the future.

We are a 2012 Top-Rated Nonprofit!

Thanks to the heart-warming stories shared by many of our readers and supporters, Kidpower has been awarded a top-rated listing for 2012 by Great Nonprofits.

“LIKE” to make kids safer!

Please take two minutes to help people be safer: go to Amazon and “LIKE” the Kidpower Older and Younger Kids Safety Comics. This will immediately increase their visibility and help introduce them to others.

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