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Our affordable RelationSafe books, comics, and curriculum prepare readers to bring “People Safety” knowledge and skills into their families, schools, organizations, and workplaces.

Kidpower Book Front Cover

The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults

This inspiring, comprehensive guide puts Kidpower’s nearly 30 years of experience at the fingertips of parents, educators, and all adults who care about protecting children and teens.
List price: $24.99 USD
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Kidpower Book Front Cover

Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels

The #1 best-selling guide to Child Safety in the #MeToo era. Practical tools for adults to take charge of the safety and well being of the young people in their care, and to address the obstacles that often get in the way.
List price: $19.95 USD
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Kidpower Safety Comics Front Cover

Kidpower Safety Comics Series

Our cartoon-illustrated Safety Comic Book series for younger and older children, teens and young adults with disabilities, are engaging resources for teaching how to be aware, move away from trouble, set boundaries, and get help.
List price: $12.95 USD
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Kidpower Book Front Cover

Bullying -- What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe

Learn how to use and teach Kidpower self-protection skills and strategies to protect children and teens from bullying at school, home, online social media and gaming, and out in your community.
List price: $14.95 USD
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One Strong Move Book Front Cover

One Strong Move: Cartoon-illustrated Self-Defense Lessons

This cartoon-illustrated book provides important self-defense lessons showing how to avoid and escape from an attack for adults and teens and for use by adults in teaching children.
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Spanish/English Bilingual Book Front Cover

GIRLPOWER: Be confident!

Our newest cartoon-illustrated comic book, GIRLPOWER: Be confident! is an engaging resource for teaching girls of all ages how to be aware, move away from trouble, set boundaries, and get help. In paperback and Kindle editions.
List price: $19.99 USD 
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Earliest Teachable Moment Book Front Cover

Earliest Teachable Moment

This book for parents and caregivers of young children offers joyful, positive practices to help babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers understand and learn personal safety skills.

15 Group Lessons Book Front Cover

15 Group Lessons

Prepare children to take charge of their emotional and physical safety with peers, acquaintances and strangers with these 15 ‘People Safety’ Group Lessons, with cartoon illustrations.

10 People Safety Assignments Book Front Cover

10 People Safety Assignments

10 short, cartoon-illustrated assignments that can be used in a classroom, youth group, or family to introduce and reinforce key Kidpower “People Safety” Skills in English and Spanish.

Relationship Safety Skills Handbook Front Cover

Relationship Safety Skills Handbook

This empowering handbook is for victims of, or people at risk of, interpersonal, dating or domestic violence, and the support people in their lives, to learn ‘People Safety’ concepts and skills to help them prevent or stop future violence.

Introductory Guide Book Front Cover

Introductory Guide for Parents and Teachers

Protect children from bullying, abuse, kidnapping and other violence with this abridged 100-page version of the comprehensive Kidpower Book for Caring Adults.

Curriculum Teaching Books Front Covers

Curriculum Teaching Books

Kidpower and Teenpower/Fullpower Curriculum Teaching Books provide lesson plans and illustrated social stories for teaching groups of students in classes, recreational programs, and families.

Kidpower Comprehensive Program Manual Front Cover

Kidpower Instructor Training Manuals

Learn from the textbooks we’ve created for use in our Comprehensive Core Program training programs and Child Protection Advocates Institutes about how to teach ‘People Safety Skills’ to children, teens and adults, and advocate for child safety.

Spanish/English Bilingual Book Front Cover

Spanish & Bilingual Editions

All of our Safety Comics, our Introductory Guide, and some of our curriculum books are also available in bilingual English/Spanish and Spanish editions.  Check them out on our Libros Español page.

All of the income from our books helps to fund our publication costs, our free on-line Library, and the creation of new resources.

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