Kidpower is unique, and so are our volunteer opportunities! A few minutes or a few hours of effort on your own schedule, no matter where you live, can make a world of difference. Volunteers play a crucial role in building bridges between Kidpower and their communities.

You can:

  • Talk about Kidpower. Tell your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Tell your child’s teacher, doctor, and coach.
  • Write about Kidpower online. Blog, tweet, email, text, and post to let others know about who we are, what we do, and why it matters. Link your friends to our two-minute video or your favorite article or podcast.
  • Set up a workshop. Your efforts will give people in your community lifelong skills. Contact us to learn how to arrange a class for your kids and their friends, your parent group, or others in your life.
  • Put our books in hands and on shelves. Give our Kidpower Safety Comics and other materials as gifts for birthdays, holidays, and baby showers. Donate them to libraries, schools, and parent resource centers.
  • Stay updated with our e-newsletter. Our weekly messages offer thoughtful, practical responses to current events as well as to everyday challenges. Subscribe and pass it on with confidence – we never share our addresses with anyone.
  • Let us know you’d like to share our public workshop schedule. If you live in the San Francisco or Monterey Bay areas and would be happy to get a short email with two attached one-page flyers each month, please let us know! This helps more families get access to our workshops.
  • Introduce Kidpower to your company. Many corporations have charitable giving programs, and they like knowing what groups matter to their employees. Your recommendation could open funding doors to help us help others be safe.
  • Arrange to include Kidpower in local community publications. Ask us about the simple steps you can take so that full Kidpower articles can be featured regularly at no cost in your parent group newsletter.
  • Consider becoming a member of our Board of Directors. View job description
  • Apply to be a Kidpower instructor. Learn how to bring People Safety skills to people of all ages and abilities. Our instructors come from all walks of life: they are teachers, computer experts, stay-at-home parents, doctors, police officers, and small business owners. Some teach only a few times a year; some teach classes just for children or just for adults. Start by reading our Instructor Training page.
  • Contact us. Just like every Kidpower class is tailored to maximize our students’ strengths while creating a positive, fun learning experience, we want every volunteer relationship to maximize a volunteer’s strength in a way that feels fun and positive. We’d love to learn about you and your own unique skills!

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