Kidpower Lebanon

Zeina Hobeche, Kidpower Lebanon Director

Kidpower Lebanon was established in 2009 by Psychotherapist Zeina Hobeche. Zeina has been teaching Kidpower principles and skills to other child psychologists in the Middle East, as well to children, parents, and educators in refugee camps, schools, and orphanages in Lebanon – and integrated this knowledge into the Safety Through the Arts program.

Through Zeina’s leadership, Kidpower has impacted thousands of people in the region. Zeina has translated the Kidpower Teaching Kits into Arabic and is advising an educator in Saudi Arabia who is launching a national movement to stop child abuse about how to use the Kidpower program in her work.

Child development harm is preventable by giving the adults the essential information to build a protective environment, in which children are protected from violence, exploitation and abuse. As a clinical psychologist working for more than 10 years with needy and maltreated children who are suffering from domestic violence, I was searching for a practical and efficient method to empower the kids to keep themselves safe without scaring them. I was very impressed by the effectiveness of Kidpower method in teaching people to protect themselves with a very friendly way and high respect for diversity. I had the chance and the opportunity to bring Kidpower safety skills to my country and our region in the Arab world.

~ Zeina Hobeche, Kidpower Lebanon Director


“I thought that being severe is a good thing that will make children stronger. But no, it is the contrary; there should be moral support, communication, dialogue. The child should tell me everything that happens to him, and I should make him feel that what he says is true.”

“I learned that children should be able to tell, to inform us, and not to be afraid. No matter who the adult is, my child should not be afraid of this person but should be able to tell someone who is not acting safely, ‘No!’”

“I intend to teach my friends what I’ve learned, rather than just gossiping when we have coffee together.”

~ Comments from parents after Kidpower classes in Lebanon

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