Kidpower Montréal

Marylaine Léger, Kidpower Montreal Director

Pleins Pouvoirs KIDPOWER Montréal was established in 1996 by Sex Education Counselor Marylaine Léger and Biologist, Teacher and Martial Artist Marc Meilleur. We offers services for children, teens, and adults, including for individuals with special needs. We also offer professional on-going training services for daycares, schools, special needs groups, women’s groups and many others. We have served over 60,000 people between the ages of 3 and 103, mostly in the Greater Montreal Area and, on occasion, in several distant communities around Quebec.

​People often ask me, ‘21 years with Kidpower! What drives your commitment?’ There are many answers to that. But the ​essence of all of them is that I receive far more than I give. It warms my heart when I witness the power of the skills we teach. The JOY, PEACE, and CONFIDENCE they bring are priceless gifts in people’s lives!

~ Marylaine Léger, Kidpower Montreal Director


Last year alone, Kidpower Montréal:

  • directly taught over 3,100 people – all ages and abilities
  • taught over 550 hours of workshops
  • held over 40 public workshops conducted in all programs: kids, teens, adults, seniors
  • held over 70 private workshops serving kids, teens and people with special needs
  • served over 25 different agencies


  • 21 year partnership with IVAC (Indemnisation for Victim of Criminal Acts) and the CNESST (Workers Safety and Health Compensation Board of Quebec) both of which cover the full cost of our services for every client that registers to one or more of our public workshops.
  • 13 year partnership with Pomme-Soleil Early Childhood Education Child Care Center
  • 10 year collaboration with Community Health Service Clinics in several Montreal boroughs refer our services to vulnerable families and individuals and when possible also cover the cost of our workshop fees for them
  • 5 year collaboration with Four Winds Elementary School, in Sainte-Julie (south-shore of Montreal) to incorporate Kidpower curriculum elements in the schools communication tools and daily practices of the faculty with their students.
  • A brand new Authorized Service Provider agreement has been established with the Centre Saint-Pierre a non-profit training center serving community groups to further their impact and ability to lead their important work through accessible staff, board and volunteer trainings opportunities. Lise Noël, an active Fullpower Instructor will now be able to provide regular Fullpower Everyday Safety workshops to Centre Saint-Pierre’s organizational clients.

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