Services for Schools

The lessons children learn about how to behave at school have a profound impact on how they see the world.

Our services for schools, interactive workshops with children, and training for educators focus on teaching simple and effective safety and self-defense skills, integrated with the existing curriculum.

What skills do students learn?

We teach a broad range of People Safety skills adapted to the age of our students. They include:

  • Safety with feelings and words – how to protect yourself from hurting words
  • Being powerful to be safe – how to use your body to prevent most trouble before it starts
  • Safety with touch and teasing – how to set boundaries with people you know
  • Getting help to be safe – how to make safety plans and be persistent in getting help from busy adults
  • Checking and Thinking First to be safe – how to check and think first before you change your plan about WHERE you are going, WHAT you are doing, and WHO you are with, including how to be safe with strangers
  • Using People Safety everywhere you go- how to apply People Safety skills to different kinds of problems, including bullying, at school, at home, online, and out in the world

What workshops are available?

We offer a variety of workshops offering hands-on, relevant, and fun learning experiences:

Classroom and After-School Programs

Our classroom programs give students the opportunity to practice a wide range of safety skills for dealing with strangers, bullies, peers, and trusted adults. Classroom programs can be set up for grades K-12. Teachers are required to stay in the classroom and learn along with their students so they can continue to reinforce the Kidpower skills throughout the school year.

Training for Professionals

Training of Professionals workshops prepare teachers, counselors, social workers, law enforcement officials, health care workers, martial artists, youth group leaders and other professionals to integrate the Kidpower, Teenpower, and/or Fullpower Personal Safety Skills with their own programs and activities. Trainings can include illustrated curriculum with lesson plans and follow up support from Kidpower’s instructors.

Training for professionals can range from one two-hour workshop to two full days of training.

To fully implement the program, we have found it works well to schedule two 2-hour trainings, as well as follow up support for staff by phone or in the classroom.

Other Programs

Kidpower also offers afterschool programs, assembly programs, adapted workshops for individuals with special needs and specific life challenges, and workshops that include physical self-defense skills with a kick pad or padded instructor.

For more information about our programs, email us or call (800) 467-6997 ext. 1#.

Kidpower: An Educator’s Perspective on Teaching Child Safety – an article by Head of School Peter S. Lewis, Ph.D.

What educational resources are available?

Our Library offers a wealth of free resources, including articles about how personal safety skills can address difficult life challenges, such as:

Our Store sells publications such as our cartoon-illustrated Safety Comics and Teaching Kits for children, teens, and adults that introduce personal safety skills in basic language that individuals with limited reading skills as well as the general public have found to be important, respectful, and relevant. Our Store also sells our Kidpower Introductory Guide, our Kidpower Book for Caring Adults, our Relationship Safety Book, our 10 Safety Assignments, our 15 Safety Lessons, and our Comprehensive Program Manuals. These materials show how to teach People Safety skills and concepts to the important children, teens, and adults in your life.

If you don’t have a Kidpower center close to your community, consider setting up a new one and training as an instructor. We also train teachers and other professionals to include People Safety Skills in their programs and schools so that people everywhere can learn how to protect their emotional and physical safety.

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