Kidpower Donors

We Appreciate Your Support!
Kidpower’s donors include schools, businesses, service clubs, foundations, government agencies, and individuals who care about safety for their communities and loved ones.

Featured Donor:

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Since 2012, thousands of children, teens, and adults have benefited from increased access to Kidpower training and resources thanks to the generous support of the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation!

Novartis contributions have supported direct bullying prevention and abuse prevention workshops helping vulnerable children to stay physically and emotionally safe and helping their parents and teachers practice skills to protect and empower kids. In addition, their support has increased access to Kidpower educational resources and webinars, giving people locally and globally greater access to skills they can use right away in their own families, schools, and communities to protect young people from harm.

We are also grateful to the dozens of Novartis employees who have donated their time from to volunteer for Kidpower during Novartis Community Partnership Day! Kidpower first participated in this global event in 2012, and we look forward to working with another team of outstanding Novartis volunteers in spring 2020 as we continue our work together to help kids be safe!

Featured Donor:

Lowell Berry Foundation

People with disabilities face a higher risk of bullying, abuse, and violence than their peers, and the generous support of the Lowell Berry Foundation has supported, for over a decade, Kidpower safety workshops empowering those with disabilities as well as their family members, mentors, and allies. We are particularly grateful that the foundation recognizes not just the importance of safety for children but also of safety for teens and adults with disabilities. Adults with disabilities face personal safety on an everyday basis yet may also lack resources to plan and pay for services. Support from the Lowell Berry Foundation makes it possible for us to provide valuable, potential life-saving training through partnerships with the nonprofit agencies serving them in other ways. Thanks to the Lowell Berry Foundation, more Contra Costa and Alameda County residents with disabilities are equipped with skills to take charge of their safety – and to share those skills with their own families and friends, extending the impact far and wide.

Featured Donor:

Women in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy harnesses the passion and commitment of women to invest in helping local youth succeed in school and in life. Women in Philanthropy of Santa Cruz County makes a real and lasting difference for youth in the region by funding school based initiatives – and all of us at Kidpower are grateful for their contributions to Kidpower to translate their intentions into action!

Over the last four years, more than 1000 Santa Cruz youth have benefited directly from school-based Kidpower workshops made possible by the generous support of Women in Philanthropy of Santa Cruz County. More than 160 educators have participated in these workshops alongside their students – and more than 120 parents and caregivers have received direct, hands-on training in strategies for extending the skills kids are learning at school into their homes and neighborhoods.

Keisha Frost, Chief Executive Officer for United Way of Santa Cruz County, says, “It has truly been an amazing experience to partner with Kidpower over the years and to see the ways in which Kidpower empowers children and youth and the adults who care for them! To know that so many children, educators, and parents were able to access Kidpower and practice more skills to be physically and emotionally safe thanks to Women in Philanthropy is an honor. We are pleased we have been able to work together to improve the safety and quality of life for youth in our community. Kidpower is a champion for children!”

By creating opportunities for kids, their educators, and their parents to learn Kidpower skills for setting boundaries, advocating for themselves and others, and protecting themselves from bullying, harassment, and other violence, Women in Philanthropy of Santa Cruz County has given children, teachers, and families powerful tools for success in school and in life. We are grateful for their investment in kids and in Kidpower!

MANY THANKS to our hundreds of donors and volunteers. Your generosity is making a big difference in our ability to help others.

MANY THANKS to these Corporate, Foundation, and Service Club Donors of our Central Office:

  • Agnes W. Thompson Trust at the San Francisco Foundation
  • Air Systems Foundation
  • Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation
  • Atkinson Foundation
  • Autism Speaks
  • Bay Federal Credit Union
  • Berkeley Playhouse
  • Best Buy @15 Community Grant
  • Brickyard Berridge Fund
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation
  • California Casualty Management Company
  • California State Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • California State Department of Rehabilitation’s Orientation Center for the Blind
  • Cisco Systems Foundation
  • The Robert Stephens Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
  • Costco
  • C.M. Capital Foundation
  • CVS/CareMark Community Grant
  • CVS/CareMark Charitable Trust
  • The Driscoll’s Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
  • Edith E. Pence Fund at the San Francisco Founation
  • Henry O. Eggert Trust
  • Endue Foundation
  • Embrey Family Foundation

  • Finish Line Youth Foundation
  • Frieda F. Fox Foundation
  • June and Julian Foss Foundation
  • John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
  • Google
  • Gannett Foundation
  • GGS Foundation
  • Hitachi America Ltd.
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
  • Hitachi High Technologies America Inc.
  • Hitachi Foundation
  • Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
  • In-N-Out Burger Foundation
  • Kaiser Permanente – Northern California
  • Kaiser Permanente – San Francisco
  • Kaiser Permanente – San Mateo
  • Kaiser Permanente – Santa Clara
  • Kaiser Permanente – Southern Alameda
  • Leslie Family Foundation
  • Lions Clubs
  • Lowell Berry Foundation
  • Elaina C. Serotte J. Dylan Malot of MassMutual Financial Group
  • Mission City Community Fund
  • Monterey Peninsula Foundation
  • Novartis
  • Office Depot Foundation
  • Palo Alto Community Fund
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • Petaluma Community Foundation
  • Plantronics
  • Rite Aid Foundation
  • Rose Marie Piper Foundation
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation
  • Sam’s Club
  • San Francisco Foundation
  • Irene S. Scully Foundation
  • Seagate
  • Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation
  • Jody Buckley and Mark Horowitz Donor Advised Fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Robert N. and Florence Slinger Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
  • May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust
  • Special Hope Foundation
  • Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Taproot Foundation
  • Target
  • Temple Isaiah Seventh Grade Fund
  • TRIO Foundation
  • The Robert and Audrey Talbott Foundation
  • United American Bank
  • United Methodist Church Women’s Division
  • Verizon Foundation
  • Walmart
  • Watsonville City Police Department
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Western Digital Foundation
  • Whole Foods Markets

Community Donors

A big Kidpower “Thank you!” to every local leader who has taken the initiative to improve community, school, and individual safety by introducing Kidpower to others in their area!

Thousands of people around the world are safer and more confident because one person in their community knew about Kidpower and believed our skills were valuable. We extend our most sincere thanks to each one of you who has generously given of your time and money to support Kidpower by making a donation, sharing our information, or organizing a workshop.

Every teacher, principal, parent, counselor, employer, service club, or club leader who brings Kidpower to their own communities helps us make our services widely and equitably accessible. We couldn’t do it without you!

The leadership of local schools, community organizations, and service clubs provides crucial support for Kidpower’s efforts to ensure equitable access to the skills we teach.

Recent Schools, Community Service Clubs, and Parenting Support Group Donors Include:

  • Berkeley Playhouse
  • Black Pine Circle School
  • Castro Valley Rotary
  • Driscoll’s Berries
  • Emily’s Bakery
  • First Congregational Church of Santa Cruz
  • Lions Club of Cupertino De Anza
  • Noah’s Bagels
  • Pacific Cookie Company
  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea
  • Rotary Club of Freedom
  • Rotary Club of Los Altos
  • Rotary Club of Richmond
  • Rotary Club of San Pablo
  • Rotary Club of Santa Cruz
  • San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis
  • Santa Cruz Montessori School
  • Soroptimist Club of San Francisco
  • Upper Crust Pizza
  • White Magnolia Tai Chi

Please email or call Program Manager Erika Leonard at (510) 334-2242 to share more about your service group or organization’s giving goals and to learn how our work can further those goals. Kidpower is registered with Network for Good and are registered as charitable, nongovernmental organizations in each country we serve.

Foundation Donors

Investing in Safety and Confidence

Our foundation donors large and small provide essential support, fueling Kidpower’s efforts to prevent future bullying, violence, abuse, and abductions.

Our foundation partners have diverse goals and priorities, but all have recognized Kidpower’s capacity to improve safety and quality of life through our services.

Some are drawn to Kidpower because of our work with children, while others recognize the invaluable role our skills play in the lives of other vulnerable populations. Some have awarded grants to us for years, while others are new supporters. We deeply value each of our foundation partners for the commitment they show to making a difference by empowering people to take charge of their safety and well-being.

We would love to learn about the priorities of your foundation and talk together about how Kidpower complements and furthers your goals. If you would like to join us in improving access to safety skills; building confidence in children, teens and adults in our communities; or tackling bullying and abuse with practical skills, please contact our Central Office. We are registered with Network for Good. We are also registered as charitable, nongovernmental organizations in each country we serve.

Other Ways Foundations Contribute

In addition to single or ongoing grants, foundations can also help us by:

  • Introducing Kidpower to other potential funders
  • Sponsoring workshops and events
  • Encouraging employee giving
  • Matching employee gifts
  • Serving on our Board

Our Recent Foundation Supporters Include:*

Agnes W. Thompson Trust at the San Francisco Foundation – personal safety services for seniors at Oakland’s Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent programs

Air Systems Foundation – direct services for children together with their parents and teachers

Anonymous Private Foundation – major challenge grant for our donor relations program and major operating support

Atkinson Foundation – victimization and risk reduction program for people with disabilities

The Brickyard Berridge Fund at the San Francisco Foundation – parent/child and school based programs for youth and families

The Buckley/Horowitz Fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation – general operating support

CVS/Caremark Charitable Trust – services for children and teens with disabilities

The Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation – school-wide integration of Kidpower skills and curriculum at the elementary level

The Driscoll’s Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County – services bringing safety skills to children with a focus on migrant farm-working families

Edith E. Pence Fund at the San Francisco Foundation – violence prevention services for vulnerable adults and adults leading young children in areas with high rates of crime

June and Julian Foss Foundation – services for high-risk children and youth

GGS Foundation – bullying and violence prevention services for San Francisco children and youth

Giant Steps Foundation – general operating support to strengthen capacity for service delivery

The Health Trust – victimization and risk reduction program for people with disabilities

Hitachi Foundation – direct service for children, teens, and adults

Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation – abuse prevention skill building for children three and older

John and Marcia Goldman Foundation – Kidpower-in-Action pilot program integrating direct services for youth with on-the-job Kidpower skills coaching for teachers

Lowell Berry Foundation – direct service for vulnerable populations

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust – challenge grant for general program expansion

Office Depot Foundation – bullying prevention services for children, youth, and families

The Robert Stephens Nonendowed Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County – confidence building and self-protection skill building programs

Palo Alto Community Fund – bullying prevention and positive peer interaction for improved quality of learning and teaching

Petaluma Community Foundation – school based services reaching families dealing with economic hardship

Rose Marie Piper Foundation – violence prevention for vulnerable Sonoma teens

Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation – evaluation project to document our effectiveness

San Francisco Foundation – victimization and risk reduction for people with disabilities

Special Hope Foundation – services and educational materials benefiting people with disabilities

Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation – public elementary school safety workshops for San Francisco children with their teachers

Taproot Foundation – service grants to strengthen our visual image and redesign our website

The Robert and Audrey Talbott Foundation – safety skills for youth in Monterey County and South Santa Cruz County schools and social service agencies

TRIO Foundation – early childhood direct services

United Methodist Church Women’s Division – adapted services for youth with Autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities

Western Digital Foundation – personal safety skills for vulnerable populations

*Note: Many our our Foundation partners are also Corporations.

Cornerstone Contributors:

Foundations whose grants have played a key role in our development

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health Foundation – pilot development of services for very young children and first outside professional program evaluation

David and Lucile Packard Foundation – first two-year office center start-up grant and first organizational assessment

Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County – training of professionals pilot program

Wells Fargo Foundation – first major grant to Kidpower right after 1989 earthquake in Santa Cruz devastated our community

Please email or call Program Manager Erika Leonard at (510) 334-2242 to share more about your foundation’s giving goals and to learn how our work can further those goals. Kidpower is registered with Network for Good and are registered as charitable, nongovernmental organizations in each country we serve.

Corporate Donors

Business Forces for Good

Kidpower turns corporate contributions into dynamic services that have an immediate, lasting, and visible impact.

Our corporate partners have a broad range of priorities. Some want to help make schools safer, more positive places for learning. Some want to help people with disabilities thrive in the workplace and participate fully in their communities. Others want to take action to stop bullying, child abuse, or domestic violence.

They choose Kidpower because:

  1. Our community-based services directly address their priorities — and we get results.
  2. Their contributions directly, exclusively, and entirely benefit the regions or groups they want to help. We guarantee it.
  3. Our focus on solutions communicates confident leadership they are proud to connect with their name.

Corporations help us help others be safer by:

  1. Awarding grant funds to provide services and materials. We ensure that every dollar is used in the city, county, or region the corporation wants to serve and addresses the specific populations they want to help.
  2. Sponsoring local workshops. Businesses of any size can show their commitment to safety by sponsoring a workshop for a neighborhood school or nonprofit that matters to them.
  3. Matching their employees’ contributions. When individuals offer support that is matched by their employers, their combined generosity has a deeper impact.

Please email or call Program Manager Erika Leonard at (510) 334-2242 to share more about your own company’s giving goals and to learn how our work can further those goals. We are registered with Network for Good and are registered as charitable, nongovernmental organizations in each country we serve.

Our Corporate Donors*

Bank of the West – direct services for children, teens, and adults facing special life challenges

Bay Federal Credit Union – bullying prevention and positive peer interaction skill building program

Big Sky Creative – graphic design services to improve our marketing materials and the cover and layout of the advance reader’s copy of The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults

Build-A-Bear Workshop – donation of Kidpower Safety Bears for some of our youngest workshop participants

California Casualty Management Company – People Safety curriculum for new teen drivers and their passengers

Cisco Systems Foundation – literacy and health curriculum enrichment program

C.M. Capital Corporation – direct service for children and families

Community Printers of Santa Cruz – printing donation

Costanoa Resort – donation of conference room for a full day staff retreat

Costco – services for vulnerable populations and those who care for them in Northern California

CVS/Caremark Community Grants – direct services for children with disabilities

Deluxe Corproration Foundation – afterschool workshops for elementary age children

Driscoll’s Charitable Fund – services bringing safety skills to children with a focus on migrant farmworking families

Ecolab – incorporation of Kidpower skills and curriculum at the elementary school level

Finish Line Youth Foundation – safety and advocacy skills to support inclusion and participation of youth with special needs

Fremont Bank Foundation – development of materials to support teachers integrating Kidpower skills in their work with older children

Gannett Foundation – services for children and youth in the Salinas area

Gayle’s Bakery and Rosticerria – general operating support

Giants Community Fund – bullying prevention workshops for youth, parents, teachers, and youth leaders in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions

Google – AdWords Grant to improve access to Kidpower online

Hitachi America LTD – school based services for children, parents, and teachers

Hitachi Data Systems – emotional and physical safety skill building program for underserved children

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. – bullying prevention and positive peer interaction skill building program

In-N-Out Burger – workshops for children building skills for the prevention of child abuse

Kaiser Permanente – positive peer interaction skill building program

Kaiser Permanente San Francisco – safety skills, including online safety, for San Francisco youth

Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Service Area – emotional and physical safety skill training for vulnerable children, their parents, and health and education professionals

CTB/McGraw-Hill – life skills literacy project for preschool and primary grade children

Elaina C. Serotte of MassMutual Financial Group – workshops in the North Bay and advocacy and sponsorship with the American Academy of Pediatrics Northern California Chapter

Mechanics Bank – direct services for vulnerable populations and their allies and care providers

Novartis – school based safety and bullying prevention workshops for children and teens

Ow Family Properties – general operating support and challenge grant match

Palo Alto Medical Foundation – Bay Area – safety workshops for children together with their primary caregivers

Palo Alto Medical Foundation – Santa Cruz – direct services addressing vulnerable populations

Pantheon Ventures – bullying prevention and positive peer interaction program

Plantronics – design, development, and field testing of the Teaching Kit for Older Children

Rite Aid Foundation – direct services for vulnerable children and teens and their caregivers

Russell Investment Group – bullying prevention and positive peer interaction program

Safeway Foundation – curriculum integration of skills at the elementary school level

Salesforce – donation of contact management system access and technical support

Sam’s Club – adapted workshops for children with disabilities in Contra Costa County

Seagate – sponsorship of parent/child workshops

Smith Micro – general operating support

SurveyMonkey – general operating support

Target Stores – family violence prevention services for children, youth, and families

Union Bank of California – programs to prevent bullying and to promote physical and emotional safety for children and youth

Verizon – development and field testing of our Relationship Safety Handbook along with services for women and children coping with domestic violence

Walmart – direct services for children, youth, and families

Wells Fargo Foundation – direct services for children and parents learning safety skills together

*Note: Many our our Corporate donors are also Foundations.

Government Agency Donors

Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette of Canada speaks at the Kidpower Conference in 2005

Our government partners include agencies that sponsor Kidpower projects to promote community safety locally and internationally. We are also grateful for the partnership of our Law Enforcement Advisory Committee members; these individuals continue to help us grow by building connections and by sharing the insights they’ve gained about personal and community safety during their many years as peace officers and detectives.

Sponsoring Agencies

Agencies at the local, regional, and national level around the world have recognized the value of our work and taken the lead in improving access to our services in a variety of ways. They include:

The Watsonville Police Department, which recognizes Kidpower as a Law Enforcement Partner on their website’s home page and has sponsored our Parent Child Workshops since 1991, bringing Kidpower skills to hundreds of families in the area.

The Santa Cruz Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women, which has been a collaborator on various projects bringing Kidpower People Safety skills to children, teens, and women since 1994.

The Victim Compensation Program of the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Colorado, which has provided compensation for direct service for child victims participating in Kidpower of Colorado Springs programs since 1996.

The 4th Judicial District Victim Assistance Law Enforcement Fund, which has granted funds to Kidpower of Colorado Springs since 1998.

The New Zealand National Police Youth Education Services, which co-sponsored the development of the Confident Kids program in 2003, a program that continues to bring Kidpower skills to New Zealand schoolchildren nationwide every year.

The Santa Cruz Police Department, which has helped many families learn Kidpower skills by co-sponsoring local Parent-Child Workshops multiple times annually since 2004.

The Canadian International Development Agency, which launched our highly successful Reaching Out Project by generously sponsoring the participation of delegates from developing countries in our 2005 International Conference. The Reaching Out Project provides our training for social service professionals around the world so they can foster the growth of People Safety skills in their own communities.

The City of Santa Cruz, which honored Kidpower with a Mayor’s Proclamation declaring September 29, 2007 “Kidpower Day.” The award served as a public spotlight on our work, highlighting that Kidpower is “making our community and world a safer place.”

The New Zealand Ministry of Justice, which awarded a two-year grant in 2009 for the Healthy Relationship Program, a Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Project supporting the development of services and materials tailored to the needs of teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities.

The Council on Developmental Disabilities Area 4, which helped people with developmental disabilities who have been victims of abuse from being re-victimized, and prevent others at-risk from suffering abuse in the first place, by equipping them with experiential success-based tools and skills. Train, coach and mentor people responsible for the care of people with disabilities such as parents, caregivers and health, education and social services program staff in how to recognize, prevent, intervene, respond to and remedy (potential) abuse; how to teach these skills on their own.

The Council on Developmental Disabilities Area 7, which helps prevent young people with developmental disabilities who have been victims of abuse from being re-victimized and equips young adults with developmental disabilities and their families with the social-emotional tools and skills sets necessary for a successful transition to adult life; enter and succeed in gainful work opportunities, and attain a higher level of independence and self-sufficiency.

Individual Advisers

The members of our Law Enforcement Advisory Committee lend their expertise and credibility to expand the depth, scope, and quality of our services. They include:

Karl Herndon, Deputy Sheriff and former detective. Currently a teacher of defensive tactics to law enforcement officers, Karl is also a longtime padded instructor whose expertise has improved our services.

Jim Howes, retired police officer and Community Relations Specialist with the Santa Cruz Police Department. Jim now teaches college courses in law enforcement and acts as an adviser and collaborator on community safety programs. Jim’s leadership in building the relationship between our organization and the Santa Cruz Police Department has led to a long collaboration helping many children learn skills to be safe.

Ian Kirkpatrick, police officer. As a founding board member of our New Zealand Trust, Ian helped create a collaboration between Kidpower and the National New Zealand Police Youth Education Services. This gave rise to the Confident Kids program, which bring Kidpower skills to public school children throughout New Zealand every year.

Manny Solano, Watsonville Police Chief. A longtime supporter who has consistently built Kidpower’s credibility with other law enforcement officials for many years, Manny has sponsored workshops, served as an ex-officio board member, and continues to provide consultation on criminal justice issues.

Please email or call Program Manager Erika Leonard at (510) 334-2242 to share more about your agency’s giving goals and to learn how our work can further those goals. Kidpower is registered with Network for Good and are registered as charitable, nongovernmental organizations in each country we serve.

Individual Donors

donate-star-transparent-100hThank you to our many Individual Donors who support our Annual Giving Campaign and Scholarship Fund for people in need of our services!

Individual donations are essential in supporting Kidpower’s sustainability for the long run and expanding our reach, so that we can continue to provide effective child protection, positive communication, and personal safety skills to protect people of all ages and abilities from bullying, violence, and abuse by empowering them with awareness, action, and skills.

  • Jonathan Aaron
  • Ahmed Abdelaziz
  • Matt Abrahams
  • Erin Adams
  • Kimberly Adams
  • Erin Adler
  • Fidelis Agbor
  • Mary Albitz
  • Kelly Allari
  • Shannon Ashley
  • Cynthia Avoinet
  • Huda Baak
  • Pam Baker
  • Myra Banlawi
  • Fiona Barrett
  • Megan Barry
  • Ellen Bass
  • Linda Beach
  • Sarah Beauchamp
  • Kayla Beckert
  • Christy Bell
  • Stefanie Bellucci
  • Andy Benkert
  • Mary Bennett
  • Ashlie Benton
  • Elissa Berrol
  • Joschka Beyer
  • Parthasarathy Bhaumik
  • Dorothy Bisbee
  • Lisa Black
  • Michelle Blakeley-Hoge
  • Jason Bland
  • Bruna Blay Del Negro
  • Abby Bleistein
  • Kathleen Bliss
  • Marianna Bogomolny
  • Tiffany Boller
  • Virginia Boster
  • Renee Bourdet
  • Prashanth Brahmandam
  • Adrienne Bramhall
  • Jolene Bressler
  • Sara Brice
  • Derek Bromley
  • Beau & Adria Brown
  • Patrick Brown
  • Tamara Brown
  • David Brubacher
  • Paul Bucelwicz
  • Debora Burgard
  • Jackie Burhans
  • Phyllida Burlingame
  • Lili Byers
  • Kristen Calcatera
  • Elaine & Byron Campbell
  • Jade Canning
  • Sara Cargill
  • Carmen Carreras
  • Peter Cazamias
  • Camille Cellucci
  • Nicole Cerra
  • Emmanuelle Chaahoub
  • Carol Chang
  • Yi Peng Cheah
  • Shijia Chen
  • Si Chen
  • Yi Hsuan Chen
  • Zhongyue Chen
  • Victor Cheng
  • Kenneth Cheng
  • Julie Chu
  • Wilma Chu
  • Kay Chuang
  • Patricia Chytrowski
  • Joan Cirie
  • Valerie Clark
  • Shannon Coan
  • Danielle Cole
  • Sharaze Colley
  • Nicole Conoley
  • Yvette Coronado Mercer
  • Rafael Correa
  • Jennifer Cranz
  • Ozboz Creations
  • Lisa Crossman
  • Marina Cruz
  • Hillary Curtis
  • Line Danant
  • Trent Davis
  • Gonzalo de la Torre
  • Pia De Leon
  • Adrien Del Bonta
  • Antonie Del Bonta
  • Eduardo Del Valle
  • Deborah DeMott
  • Lixi Deng
  • Janet DesGeorges
  • Kimberly Dickson
  • Tina Dickson
  • Eileen & Stephen DiFranco
  • Dene Dirksen
  • Arlene & Ira Dobren
  • Leslie Dotson
  • Tom & Nancy Driscoll
  • Erika Dunning
  • Jennifer & Ralph Durham
  • Lyla Dwyer
  • Marianne Edgeworth
  • Scott Ettinger
  • Carolyn Everett
  • Miriam Fairfield
  • Elaine Fajardo
  • Dominick Falcon
  • Ryan Falor
  • Haila Fine
  • Letty Flohr
  • Janice Flynn
  • Mark Frank
  • Ellen Frankel
  • Jake Freudenthal
  • Matt Frey
  • Mirko Froehlich
  • Henning Frye
  • Michael Funk
  • David Galley
  • Jennifer Garcia
  • Melodie Garcia
  • Ankur Garg
  • Giulio Gatti
  • Amy Geller
  • Patrick Gennaro
  • Katya Gerwein
  • Kimberly Gibbs-Egan
  • Sally Giblin
  • Ron & Erica Gill
  • Tanya Gillgren
  • Zoe Gladstone
  • Nadine Golden
  • Rika Gopinath
  • Kelli Greene
  • Jeffrey Griffin
  • Nathan Grossman
  • Linda Gryczan
  • Yang Gu
  • Mary Ann Gutierrez
  • Evin Guy
  • Vince Hackel
  • Barton Hackworth
  • Cheri & Mitch Haft
  • Leslie Hallock
  • Angela Hamilton
  • Dalton Hamilton
  • Xu Han
  • Hagit Harel
  • Suzanne Harrington
  • John Harrison
  • Larry Hart
  • Gregory Hebert
  • David Hecht
  • Paula Heddle
  • Colleen Hendry
  • Mitch Henrion
  • Sarah Herr
  • Sean Heyboer
  • Jennifer Hinman
  • Patrice Hinz
  • Karen Ho
  • Dmytro Holovchuk
  • Lance Holt
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  • Fang Huang
  • Minghui Huang
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  • Tonya Iles
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  • Paul Jamie
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  • Taimur Khan
  • Darlene Khosrowpour
  • Helen Khumthong
  • Paul Kirincich
  • Sue Klapholz
  • Jaime Koehler
  • Kathleen Koina
  • Elaine Kordsmeier
  • Sarah Kudela
  • Ellsa Kunz
  • Hae Kwon
  • Katrina Lagan
  • Ulrike Lahaise
  • Nicolle Laird
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  • Paige Nittler
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  • Susan Nordlof
  • Sarita Nori
  • Jennifer Nothelfer
  • Joyce O’Connor
  • Susan O’Hara-Jones
  • Arwen O’Reilly
  • Daphne Ogle
  • Pearl Okawachi
  • C.B. Olaes
  • Mona Olmsted
  • Gayle Ortiz
  • Ann Osbourne
  • Rich Parry
  • Kiran Pasham
  • Liza Patnoe
  • Dorrie Paynter
  • Burgess Peck
  • Marguerite Pelose
  • Susan Pence
  • Alexey Peshekhonov
  • Stephen Pollock
  • Kimberly Postlewaite
  • Debbie Powell
  • Casey Protti
  • Mallik Pullela
  • Gabrielsen Quinn Cormier
  • Gary Quint
  • Durga Ramanan
  • Sonja Rasmussen
  • Megan Reed
  • Mary Rees
  • Ken Regelson
  • Akiko Reyes
  • Joceana Ribeiro-Wai
  • Patricia Ristra
  • Andrew Roberts
  • Brandie Roberts
  • Lauren Rodrigues
  • Amy Rodriguez
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Randi Ross
  • Randy Rush
  • Elke Russell
  • Suzanne Salehpour
  • Chetan Sardesai
  • Julie Saxe
  • Elizabeth Scarboro
  • Kathryn Schregardus
  • Gretchen Schuessler
  • Angie Secchi
  • Marcy & Dave Segre
  • Sebastian Serrano
  • Adam Shapiro
  • Alan Shapiro
  • Mandy Shapiro
  • Lisa Sharma
  • Jennifer Sheldon
  • Ursula Shepherd
  • Sharon Shoshani
  • Kia Simon
  • Sho-Sho Smith
  • Eduardo Aranibar Soares da Silva
  • Venkataramanan Srinivasan
  • Katie Stamos
  • Shawn Steel
  • Ann Steiner
  • Colleen Stormer
  • Kalamegam Subramanian
  • Deborah Sumner
  • Cynthia Sutcliffe
  • Janet Swenson
  • Christina Syer
  • Dawn Sylvester
  • Christine Tachner
  • Salman Tajuddin
  • Brian Taylor
  • Stephanie Terry
  • Brian Thayer
  • Carla The
  • Peter Thom
  • Karen Thomas
  • Jim Thompson
  • Amy & Michael Tiemann
  • Sara Timerius
  • Laura Tobias
  • Arina Torop
  • Jennifer Turner-Davis
  • Arend van der Zande
  • Hendrith Vanlon Smith
  • Lorenna Varkonyi
  • Veronica Velasco
  • Kathleen Vignos
  • Pamella Vodicka
  • James Walsh
  • Zhihui Wang
  • David Warren
  • Fran Watson
  • Rebecca Watts
  • Manuela Wei
  • Elizabeth Werner
  • Jennifer West
  • Melinda White
  • Shakilah White
  • Linda Whiteside
  • Mike Wien
  • Camille Williams
  • Lisa Willis
  • Katie Wilson
  • Michelle Wilson
  • Adam Winer
  • Diane Winer
  • Sarah Wise
  • Robert Wiskind
  • Jessie Wofsy
  • Sarah Wolf
  • Judy Wong
  • Terry Wong
  • Steve Wright
  • Taun Wright
  • Kevin Wu
  • Michael Wu
  • Xinxin Xie
  • April Yee
  • Jolene Yee
  • Tingchun Yeh
  • Yvonne Yildirim
  • Robyn Yilmaz
  • Anite Yuen
  • David Zeltser
  • Cedric Zhang
  • Carmen Zinn
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