October is National Bullying Prevention Month 3 Important Steps Adults Can Take to Help Kids Cope with Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be devastating. Kidpower International shares critical ways parents, teachers and adults can use to help kids learn how to cope with electronic aggression San Francisco, CA – Every day, we hear about children so traumatized by cyberbullying that they no longer want to go to school, interact with friends, or worse. Busy adults […]

Free resources to keep kids safe 4 important steps to protect and empower young people

In today’s troubled times, more than ever, all children need to know that they can turn to and trust an adult for help. As part of September’s Child Protection Advocacy Month, Kidpower International is sharing four important steps plus free resources that can make a lasting difference in a child’s life and help to transform the fear of bullying, violence, and abuse into a future of lifelong safety and success for today’s youth.

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