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Advice for a Worried Mom Whose Young Son Climbed Out of Her Reach

Kidpower recommendations for what to do if you have a young child who climbs, runs, or hides out of your reach – including pre-emptive coaching, safety signals, and little books – and just hanging on tight.

Relentless Cheerful Persistence for Child Protection: Kidpower Strategies for Overcoming Overwhelm to Keep Kids Safe

Note: This article was first written for our Kidpower staff. However, the ideas here are useful for many kinds of situations where we want people to make space in their lives for something important to their well being. Unless there has been an upsetting event that gets people’s attention, it can often be challenging to […]

Making Words Like “Tattling” and “Tattle-tale” Obsolete

Shameful labels like “tattle-tale” have caused to many kids to fail to get help when they need it, leading to a great deal of suffering that could have been prevented.

New Kidpower Teaching Book Series for educators and parents

These six new books make it easy and fun for educators, parents, and other adult leaders to start to use our “People Safety” curriculum with children and youth in their classrooms, youth programs, and families. Stay tuned for our organizational and school packages that include training for professionals in how to effectively teach and practice skills to keep kids safe.

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