Category: Safety During Holidays

How Can I Help my Child with Moving Anxiety? Helping Children Deal with Upset Feelings Moving to a New Community

Moving anxiety is normal.  Change can be scary and hard, and adults can help children by acknowledging this.  A few simple steps can help children with the transitions that come with moving, as we discussed in our answer to the parent who asked us the following question: QUESTION: My children are upset because we are moving […]

Holiday Boundaries: Protecting Children’s Boundaries and Helping Others Do the Same

One of my favorite childhood holiday memories brings me back to the age of eight, being tickled by my uncle whom I rarely saw, a man who approached superhuman status in my mind. I would escape the tickles, regain my breath, and crawl back for more. I was overjoyed that he would sit on the […]

Halloween Safety – The Kidpower Way! A Grab Bag of Safety Treats and Tricks for Your Family!

A little bit of planning ahead of time can make a huge difference in making sure that everybody has a great time on Halloween.

No Forced Kisses for Your Kids: A Holiday Safety Tip for Families

As parents well know, the holiday season is both incredibly exciting and potentially overwhelming for kids, sometimes all rolled together into one. At gatherings with families and friends, expectations about affection, attention, and teasing can create unnecessary stress and discomfort.

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