Category: Children and Youth

Taking the Power Out of the Word “Crybaby”

Kidpower teaching story about using different tools to teach kids how to protect themselves from hurtful words like “Crybaby”

Kidpower Safety Signals for Staying Safe With Your Body When You Are Angry

Kidpower Safety Signals provide quick, easy-to-remember gestures with simple words and graphics that can be practiced with even young children within a few minutes – and also can be a useful tool to help adults remember to stay in charge of what we say and do, even if we are angry.

How to Have More Fun and Fewer Problems during the Holiday Season

Kids and adults alike benefit from being able to speak up instead of suffering through intrusive games, conversations, affection, and other pressures that often become issues during the holidays.

5 Recommendations to Help a Child Recover From Severe Bullying

Five recommendations from Kidpower to help parents and other caring adults support a child who has been severely bullied to recover, to get support for their own upset feelings, and to protect their child from further bullying.

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