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Choosing Safe People to Care for Your Children

Worrying about leaving young children with other people is normal. These guidelines from Kidpower describe how to assess what is and is not safe and stay in charge of the people caring for your children.

“But WHY is this the Safety Rule?” – Kidpower Answers for Adults with Younger Children

Anyone who spends much time with children knows that the question “Why?” comes up constantly– whether the question is why rabbits can’t fly, or why can’t I stand on the table in the middle of dinner or why can’t I show someone my penis or vagina if I feel like it or why do I have to ask my grownups first before I […]

Not Even for a Second! A Story About Kidpower’s Underlying Principle

This is a story about how Kidpower skills and principles were very helpful to me personally when I saw an unprotected small child in an unsafe place. A few years ago, my husband Ed and I took a vacation in Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks in California, an area full of beautiful mountains and […]

People Safety for Toddlers: Self-Protection Tips for Young Children

There is no substitute for constant supervision. Young children do not have the understanding or the skills to stay away from danger – whether this is an animal, a cliff, a piece of glass, an electric outlet, a car, or a person who might be unsafe. Pay attention to your own intuition. If you are […]

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