Category: Special Needs

Unlimited Adaptability: Personal Skills for People with Disabilities and Special Needs

We can protect people with special needs and disabilities from most bullying, violence and abuse by understanding what they can do to protect their personal safety and adapting to meet their specific needs. The following article includes excerpts from “The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Self Protection, Confidence, Personal Safety, and Advocacy for Young People.” As […]

Chopped Broccoli! Lessons About Safety from People With Mental Health Challenges

Some of our workshops serve people struggling with severe, chronic mental illnesses. These students have given me profound insights in learning to teach personal safety more effectively to people of all abilities. Their honesty and courage have added depth to my understanding of what it means to be safe and have showed me how, with […]

Self-Protection for People with Disabilities

Personal safety and disabilities – This combination of issues often leads to assumptions about helplessness that can cause people with disabilities to worry that they do not have any way to protect themselves from an attack. Our experience in teaching personal safety to people of many different abilities and life challenges is that what is […]

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