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Most Teachers Are Heroes! 9 Ways Parents Can Support Teachers in Building Safe, Positive Learning Environments

I have the privilege of meeting a lot of teachers through Kidpower, and most of them do a tremendous job under challenging circumstances with very limited resources and not nearly enough appreciation. As parents, grandparents, volunteers, or people supporting a school community in other ways, we have the power to honor the people teaching our kids by taking action that supports their efforts. Here are nine ways of making their job easier.

Most Teachers Are Heroes! – How Parents Can Support Them!

The reality is that children are safest and best able to learn if they are in a positive learning community where everyone supports each other. This article shares ideas I’ve learned from many different people about what we can do to make this happen.

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

Getting stuck in the details of what’s lacking and forever measuring ourselves against some impossible standard can diminish our joy and ability to keep the big picture of what we truly most want to accomplish in mind.

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