Category: Boundary Setting

Caring Men Who Say Women Are Weaker

Reader’s Question: As a woman, I know first-hand the confidence and awareness I carry with me everywhere I go thanks to the training I had with you. The problem is that many of my friends don’t understand. One man keeps telling his girl friend that she just isn’t as strong as a man and she agrees […]

Emailing Angry: Think Before You Hit Send

How many of you have sent an email that made your problem with someone bigger rather than better? Or that created a problem that you hadn’t had before? A friend of mine who is a psychologist specializing in conflict resolution says that much of her work is now the result of conflicts caused by email […]

Customer Power: Dealing with Rude Salespeople

Reader’s Problem: Sales clerks and waiters are often really rude to me. I feel frustrated because they don’t seem to respect me as a customer. I don’t want to be rude myself, but can’t figure out what else to do. Kidpower Answer: It is normal to feel as if the only way to fight rudeness […]

Conscious Apologies

Some people just hate to apologize. They deny or ignore mistakes or behavior that is harmful to others.  They refuse to admit that they are wrong. They act as if being wrong means that they are terrible people. The problem with never apologizing, of course, is that you can cause conflicts to escalate and can […]

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