Category: Bullying Solutions

“Bully”: Can Watching This Powerful Movie Make a Difference?

Bullying Prevention Expert and Kidpower Leader, Irene van der Zande, reviews the “Bully” movie with an eye toward what to do after you watch the documentary – because just watching is not enough to make a lasting difference for kids and families struggling with severe bullying, even in schools and communities where “anti-bullying” policies have been adopted.

Personal Safety Skills for Seniors

Elderly people can protect themselves from most bullying, abuse, and violence by learning personal safety skills.  During a Seniorpower workshop led by our Montreal Center Director Marylaine Leger, a man came abruptly into the room and sat down. The elderly women and men in her workshop clearly knew this man from their Senior Center and […]

Kidpower Safety Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Teaching kids to stay aware, act confident, get help from safe adults. Stranger safety using safety plans, and putting safety first.

Make SURE Kids Know You Care – Take Emergency Action to Protect Kids From Bullying

Bullying is an ongoing emergency, and emergencies require urgent action. Each week, Kidpower will be featuring an Emergency Action you can take to help protect the young people in your life from bullying.

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