Category: Foundation of Personal Safety

Intuition ~ Trust Its Wisdom

Personal safety for women, men, and children includes being aware when something feels uncomfortable or unsafe and taking charge as soon as possible. From time to time, we are asked about intuition – what it is and how to use it more effectively to help us stay safe. The first answer is simplistic, but very […]

Make Fear Your Friend, not Your Jailer

There are two kinds of fear. There is the natural, sensible reaction to imminent danger, i.e. actual danger that is in front of us right now. This type of fear can be a great asset. When tapped into and guided, this kind of fear can help ready the body for flight or fight, amping up […]

Why Bother Learning About Safety?

Do you feel anxious about your daughter’s safety? Are you fed up with feeling uneasy every time you use an underground parking lot? Have you stopped walking your dog after dark? Do you feel afraid when you hear an unusual noise? Have you ever felt intimidated, belittled or manipulated? Have you ever been sexually harassed […]

Seven Keys to Personal Safety: Key Points that Can Help You Stay Safe Most of the Time

Personal safety includes many skills, and many of those skills relate to a much smaller number of basic principles.  As I was thinking about what concrete safety ideas to write about for this article, it occurred to me to put a summary of “the whole thing”. When Michael Linehan and I were writing our book […]

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