Category: Foundation of Personal Safety

What is the Fullpower Course Like?

Many people have powerful preconceptions about self defense training.  Some believe that pursuing such training is, by definition, inconsistent with their personal identity as a peaceful person; some believe that it must be scary.  These preconceptions are normal and often based in an experience or awareness of a program that was indeed poorly conducted or […]

Kidpower Safety Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Teaching kids to stay aware, act confident, get help from safe adults. Stranger safety using safety plans, and putting safety first.

What is People Safety?

Just as a greater level of physical health can protect you from all kinds of diseases, so can strong “People Safety” skills and knowledge protect you from most bullying, sexual abuse, and other violence. In addition, both excellent physical health and strong People Safety skills help make life much more enjoyable.

Walmart Kidnapping Video: Lessons in How to Prevent Kidnapping

The Walmart kidnapping video is a compelling reminder to parents about that an abduction attempt can take place in seconds even when you are close by. When a man attempted to kidnap seven-year-old Brittany in Walmart, her courage, fighting spirit, and instant reaction might well have saved her life, Lessons are to keep your security awareness in familiar places, teach children Stranger Safety skills, and prepare children to protect themselves from an attack.

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