Category: Personal Safety

STOP THE BUS! Bullying of Older Bus Monitor Shows What Needs To Change

Watching the video of school bus monitor Karen Klein being cruelly bullied by four boys makes me want to stand up and shout, ‘STOP THE BUS!’ Parents and teachers need to teach kids how to recognize destructive behavior, resist peer pressure, speak up when they see someone acting unsafely, and get help. School staff, including bus monitors and playground supervisors, need training and support to stop kids from engaging in bullying of anyone in the moment.

Celebrate PRIDE Week Safely and with Confidence

Violence because of someone’s sexual orientation and identify is just as much of a hate crime as violence due to other forms of prejudice. Both during PRIDE Week and at other times, we encourage members of the LGBTQ community and their allies to be proud of who they are – and to keep these seven People Safety strategies from in mind so they can celebrate with safety and confidence.

The Art of Giving Thanks: Generous Gratitude

These 10 habits of Generous Gratitude can help us every day to appreciate ourselves and others whole-heartedly and make the most out of our lives.

Holiday Power: Take Charge of Emotional Safety During the Holidays

At its best, the holiday season can be a joyful time of giving, family togetherness, spiritual renewal, and harmony. Too often, though, unrealistic expectations, lack of time, and difficult relationships lead to stress and even to misery instead of to joy. Here are a few ideas for taking charge of the emotional and physical safety […]

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