Category: Self-Protection in Assault

Protect Your Child From Abduction: Safety Checklist to Prepare Kids to Go Without Adult Protection

Make sure your kids are prepared to avoid and escape from danger on the way to school, a friend’s house, the store, or anytime they go out without adult protection. Download a free one-page “Kidpower Safety Checklist for Parents” about how to prepare kids and assess to ensure they are ready to recognize potential danger and make safe choices immediately.

Jerry Sandusky: Betrayer of Children’s Love and Trust – 5 Ways To Protect Kids

Here are five steps Kidpower recommends to protect children from being betrayed by someone they love and trust.

Preventing an Attack by Staying Focused on Making Safe Choices: A Fullpower Success Story

Recently, one of our students sent me the following story about how she used what she’d learned in our workshop that morning to stop an attack the same evening. Irene, I wanted to let you know that as I was leaving work on Tuesday night, using all the tips of walking with awareness and confidence, […]

Stalking: How To Protect Yourself

Stalking only occasionally becomes a focus of public awareness, but it takes place all the time. When stalking happens to you or someone close to you or you, it can have devastating consequences in your life. People often feel helpless when confronted with a stalker. They have a sense that they can do something, but […]

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