Category: Self-Protection in Assault

Stalking: How To Protect Yourself

Stalking only occasionally becomes a focus of public awareness, but it takes place all the time. When stalking happens to you or someone close to you or you, it can have devastating consequences in your life. People often feel helpless when confronted with a stalker. They have a sense that they can do something, but […]

Reader’s Question: Won’t walking away make me look weak?

Reader’s Question: I know that you say that it’s safer to walk away, but I worry that just leaving will show an attacker that I’m afraid. Won’t walking away make me look weak? Kidpower Answer: There is a self-defense technique that our law enforcement and martial arts experts tell us is the best technique of all […]

Protect Yourself From an Attack: Resistance Works Most of the Time

Self-defense for women is a topic that generates a lot of myths and misinformation.  One dangerous myth is, “Don’t fight back, it’ll just be worse.” After a particularly violent assault or during times when a serial rapist is traumatizing a community, self-defense instructors will often approach local rape crisis centers offering free self-defense for women […]

Protect Yourself From a Threat: How to Sound and Look Like You Believe what You Are Saying

Self-defense includes more than knowing how to hit or kick; it also includes knowing skills and behaviors that can prevent a problem in the first place. People are more likely to believe you and do what you want them to if you sound and look like you believe in what you are saying. This is […]

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