Category: Self-Protection in Assault

Stopping Sexual Harassment in Schools

To stop sexual harassment, adults must set a good example and speak up about behavior that happens in front of them. If we don’t say anything, we should not be surprised when young people believe that this behavior is acceptable to us.

Kidpower Safety Tips: Protecting Yourself from Sexual Assault

Here are some tips for protecting yourself from sexual assault. 1. Stay aware, calm, and confident. An attacker is less likely to pick you as a victim if you are acting confident and aware of your surroundings and if you are acting calm, not afraid or angry. Keep your hands free, your head up, and […]

The Courage NOT to Fight: Using Target Denial to Be Safe

My heart breaks every time I hear another story about someone, typically a teen boy or young man, who was killed because he argued instead of leaving a potentially dangerous situation. Not all such tragedies can be prevented, but preparing young people to use target denial can keep them safe most of the time. Target […]

Target Denial by Finding the Door to Safety

“He’s really upset about his tax return.  He’s yelling about how incompetent I am, and he’s calling me all kinds of names.  He somehow thinks that I’m responsible because I’m the CPA who prepared his forms.  He’s really lost control. He’s threatening me.” A woman in one of our Fullpower Introductory workshops was explaining a […]

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