Category: Teen Safety

Overcoming the Bystander Effect: Kidpower Response to Richmond High School Assault

A heartbreaking example of the Bystander Effect was brutal sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl who was gang-raped in Richmond, California, while over 20 other teens and adults nearby did nothing to get help. Some even laughed and called others over to watch. The girl had left her high school homecoming dance to walk across […]

Tobacco Refusal Tactics

Peer pressure is one of the main reasons why young people start smoking, in spite of all the education they’ve received about how dangerous smoking is for your body and for the people around you. As a result, more and more experts are recommending that refusal skills specific to being pressured to smoke be taught […]

“People Safety” Skills for New Teen Drivers and Their Teen Passengers

Impact Teen Drivers The Impact Teen Drivers program builds a strong foundation of awareness of the dangers of being distracted while driving and of the tragedy and heartbreak resulting from car accidents, which give teens these important messages: You don’t want to be hurt or dead. You don’t want the pain of causing someone else […]

Substance Abuse Prevention

Personal safety can be affected in various ways by substance abuse. Many adults are concerned about the numbers of young people whose lives are damaged or cut short by substance abuse. Substance abuse is a form of violence to oneself and potentially to others. As with all areas of personal safety, it is important to […]

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