GIRLPOWER: Be confident!

We aim to equip teenage girls and women with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences to keep themselves emotionally and physically safe!

“Daily we read horrifying news about abuse and violence against children especially girls. It is the aim of our school to teach our children to be confident leaders. We came across Girlpower comic book and safety trainings as a powerful method to ensure safety of the children. Ms. Sobha Rani, trainer from Kidpower has come to our school and trained our girl children in Girlpower Safety skills. The children also received a nice Girlpower comic book from which they can read interesting social stories and practise the skills on their own. Now I can tell with assurance that the girls are equipped with the necessary skills to protect themselves and face the world courageously.”

Appala Naidu

Principal, ARDAR Shool, Vizianagram

The entertaining cartoons and engaging social stories address a wide range of personal safety issues skills for teens and adults in simple, clear, and memorable language. Through this comic books we want to teach teenage girls and women to take charge of safety and have freedom.
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I like the GirlPower comic book and how the girls handle different problems in their life. Meira is my favorite character.

15 year old student

ARDAR School

GIRLPOWER: Be confident!

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As we are aware, many teenage girls and women have to deal with the crippling effects of peer pressure, bullying, harassment, violence, and abuse, which can have a severe effect on their health, social, and academic skill development.

We aim to equip teenage girls and women with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences to keep themselves emotionally and physically safe; help forge new patterns in social interaction; promote healthy life styles and choices; and overcome other barriers in reaching their highest social, physical, and intellectual potential by building their boundary-setting, self-advocacy, and positive peer interaction skills in a way that is effective, not fear-based, positive, and fun.

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All income from books sales goes to help our nonprofit organization cover the cost of publication and of providing educational resources.

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