Partners in Child Protection Advocacy

Leading by Example!

Together, our partners and individuals around the world are helping to educate and inspire adults to take positive, powerful action to keep kids safe. Click the links below to check out what each of our major organizational partners is doing to participate in International Child Protection Month in September and throughout the year!

In addition to 30 Kidpower centers, offices and providers around the world and their local partners, our major organizational partners so far include:

Nonprofits, businesses, foundations and friends are becoming partners for International Child Protection Month by making a commitment to to Put Safety First, and sharing important resources for child safety.

Our goal this year is to reach 1 million caring adults with simple actions and resources to help them take a leadership role by pledging to live in act in ways that promote the safety of young people and empower them with skills to take charge of their well-being.

September is a month of action. We commit that throughout each year, we will work in partnership with those who share our commitment and values to:

  • Support adult leadership in promoting the safety and best interests of the children and teens in their lives.
  • Provide educational resources for how to carry out simple positive actions to empower caring adults, and the children and teens in their lives, to take charge of their well-being and Put Safety First.

Although we do these activities all year long, Kidpower makes it a priority each September to promote International Child Protection Month as an opportunity to learn and share together to increase awareness and understanding of what child protection means and the actions that each of us can take to make a difference.

If you would like to join us in furthering this exciting initiative, please contact us at

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