Who are we counting as a “safer kid” with Kidpower?


For this campaign, we are counting children and teens who are safer thanks to the skills, knowledge, and resources provided by Kidpower to their adults or to them directly.  We are also counting as “kids” young adults transitioning to greater independence and taking greatly increased responsibility for their safety at work or college, living on their own in a new community, or traveling independently

We are counting kids who are safer because their adults have gained greater knowledge Kidpower about how to protect them from violence – and how to empower them with age-appropriate skills for taking charge of their safety and well-being with people everywhere they go: at school, at home, downtown, online — everywhere. Here’s some of our Testimonials.

We are making kids safer with Kidpower by:

  • Giving parents knowledge and skills for protecting their kids from bullying, abuse, abduction, and other violence.
  • Providing educators, youth development leaders, mental health experts, law enforcement officials, and other professionals with skills and concepts they can integrate into their standard practices to help kids be safer.
  • Publishing a free e-newsletter with safety information.
  • Offering free resources for anyone to download and share.
  • Offering practical handbooks, Teaching Kits, Safety Comics, and other publications for sale.
  • Serving as an expert resource for media and other community groups.
  • Teaching children directly through our Kidpower and Teenpower workshops at any of our centers.
  • Providing Fullpower workshops for parents who in turn teach skills to their kids.  Test
The ripple effect of these actions extends through families and communities over time. One book, article, or TV program might reach someone who shares what they’ve learned with a whole school or organization, even if we don’t hear about it. One child using one skill, such as effective boundary-setting, can make friendships, family relationships, and interactions at school and at work safer and stronger, now and for decades to come.


ONE Million Safer Kids starts with ONE!