Our resources put a quarter century of Kidpower’s personal safety expertise at your fingertips. You can use them now to make kids safer.

As leaders in bullying, violence, and abuse prevention education since 1989, we’ve learned what works. Our focus is always on building safety and confidence, not fear.

As a nonprofit, we’re committed to putting what we know in your hands through resources designed to be practical, informative, and accessible. Our FREE online Library with over 100 articles, videos, and blog entries is a great place to start!

Please share these Safety Tips with your family, friends, school, youth groups, sports team, community organizations, health and mental health providers, law enforcement agencies, and places of worship:

[quick-download text=”Kidpower Safety Tips for Parents and Caregivers”]/pdfs/kidpower-safety-tips-for-parents-and-caregivers.pdf[/quick-download]
[quick-download text=”Safety for Kids On Their Way to School”]/pdfs/kidpower-safety-on-way-to-school.pdf[/quick-download]
[quick-download text=”Bullying – Questions and Answers From Kidpower”]/pdfs/kidpower-bullying-questions-answers.pdf[/quick-downloa
[quick-download text=”Safety Tips for Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse”]/pdfs/kidpower-safety-tips-sexual-abuse.pdf[/quick-download]
[quick-download text=”Kidpower Stranger Safety Tips”]/pdfs/kidpower-stranger-safety-tips.pdf[/quick-download]
[quick-download text=”Face Bullying With Confidence – Eight Skills Kids Can Use Right Away”]/pdfs/kidpower-safety-tips-bullying.pdf[/quick-download]

Our affordable publications provide you with comprehensive, accessible tools for keeping kids safe, full of clear examples, inspiring stories, and practical steps to follow. 

Our cartoon-illustrated Safety Comics are a fun way to introduce and reinforce “People Safety” knowledge with younger and older children. The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People is available now as paperback and an ebook. With a foreword by Gavin de Becker, this comprehensive guide is for parents and other adults who care about protecting children and teens from bullying, child abuse, abduction, and other violence. This new book gives an in-depth description of how to use The Kidpower Method to empower young people to develop healthy relationships, increase their confidence, and take charge of their emotional and physical safety.

Use these resources for your family – and please share them with your school and youth organization.

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