Kidpower Online Child Protection Institute

Every Thursday, August 27 – September 24, 2020 ~ 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Learn and practice Kidpower’s internationally-proven intervention, advocacy, and interpersonal safety strategies and skills so you can protect and empower people of all ages and abilities in your organization, school, agency, or family.

In this 5-week, 20-hour program, you will benefit from Kidpower’s 31 years of experience with a personalized needs assessment, 2-hour weekly interactive training sessions (recorded for those who cannot attend), 30-minute weekly small group coaching sessions (with time options to suit different time zones), educational materials and videos to help you prepare for sessions and integrate your learning. Scholarships available.

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With guidance from senior program leaders in the Kidower International team, participants will:

• Develop emotional and physical safety strategies to use personally and teach to others at home and at work

• Learn, model, and present Kidpower’s core ‘People Safety’ skills

• Learn to use the Kidpower Positive Practice Method to coach interactive safety skills practices

• Practice applying intervention and advocacy skills adapted to their unique service environments

• Learn to use the Kidpower Positive Practice Method as a management tool to address unsafe or disrespectful behavior

• Adapt the teaching of core skills based on differences in age, cognitive ability, and physical ability, using different teaching tools for diverse learning modalities

US$1250 – 5-week program – 20 hours of continuation credits

Scholarships, payment plans & group rates available

Our commitment to our donors is that people will look honestly at their personal situation, request support from their employers and/or friends and family, and then let us know how much of the fee that they can afford.

    • If you need scholarship or payment plan support: Please fully read our cost policies and then contact us before you register to tell us briefly about your situation and what you can afford. We will provide you with a special code to complete your registration process.
    • If you need help explaining the value of the program to an employer: Contact Us to let us know so we can provide supportive language about Kidpower and this program.
    • If you need discounted group rates (2 or more participants): Contact Us before you register to let us know how many people from your agency will be participating. We will send you a special code to complete the registration process.

Online Institute Overview

This experiential and empowering program provides a distance learning opportunity for educators, mental health experts, safety officers, martial artists, health care providers, and parents to learn from Kidpower’s 31 years of experience in teaching child protection, positive communication, and ‘People Safety’ skills. Although the focus is on children and teens, participants have found that these skills are relevant for all ages, abilities, cultures, beliefs, and walks of life.

Learn how to:

    • Protect young people from bullying, abuse and other harm and empower them with skills for taking charge of their safety
    • Teach Boundaries and Consent skills to young people
    • Apply adult safety leadership strategies and skills for intervention and advocacy

You will start teaching kids in your own life right away! This father is coaching his child how to run to safety and yell confidently, “I need help!”

Proven successful for every age group! These internationally-acclaimed strategies have helped to protect millions of children, teens, and adults, including those with special needs, from bullying, abuse, harassment, prejudice, violence, and other maltreatment. Plus they have helped to empower these individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to develop strong and safe relationships and take charge of their own well-being.

This is a one-of-a-kind training, offered to only a limited number of people! Enthusiastic participants over the years have included educators, mental health professionals, public safety officials, health care providers, coaches, recreation program leaders, martial artists, parents, and many others who work with and on behalf of children, teens, or other vulnerable people. They have joined us from across the US and from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Guatemala, France, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa, and Sweden.


All the topics normally covered during our In-Person Institute will be covered in our online format through preparation work, live online workshop time, assignments, and offline work:

All Kidpower workshops – online and in person – are dynamic, experiential, and interactive.

Even though the reasons for learning these skills can be sad, Kidpower itself is joyful. People at all ages learn better when they are having fun and feeling respected!

    • Introductions, Overview, and Ground Rules
    • Foundations for Building Cultures of Safety and Respect: Signs, policies, and statements
    • Using Kidpower Teaching Materials
    • Learning and adapting Kidpower’s 7 Child Protection Strategies
    • Making safety skills lessons dynamic, interactive, upbeat, and effective
    • Kidpower’s 10 Core Social Safety Skills
    • Kidpower Teaching Tools
    • Adapting with PuppetPower, Safety Signals, and other tools to increase accessibility
    • Boundaries, and their role in safety and in healthy relationships
    • Teaching boundary setting skills
    • Managing emotional triggers and verbal attack
    • Assertive Advocacy
    • Advocating effectively with institutions and authority figures
    • Intervening respectfully and effectively to stop and address unsafe, disrespectful behavior
    • Balance of Power Demonstration and Practice
    • Adapting for difference in age, ability, and life situation
    • Adaptation for difficult life situations and for developmental stages
    • Kidpower strategies for positive class/group management
    • Presenting and leading safety skills lessons – partner practices
    • Teaching with the Kidpower Child Protection Advocate Workbook
    • Teaching using curriculum content relevant to your situation or needs
    • Overcoming obstacles


You’ll work with a team of senior program leaders actively supporting your learning through:

    • Preparatory work in advance of the first live session
    • The 5 2-hour sessions of interactive learning
    • Offline work between sessions
    • Directed assignments to support your skill development

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Participants completing the program will receive 20 hours total toward certificate of completion for continuing education credit.

The Kidpower training was extremely valuable in preparing me to add the very positive practice of skills to the awareness and understanding that our child abuse prevention program provides. The Kidpower team’s joyful and knowledgeable approach makes learning inspiring, relevant, and even fun, despite the seriousness of the issues we face.

― Christianah Akindole, Founder of the Christianah, Fate Foundation in Nigeria


5 weeks of structured online learning, individual preparation and assignments accumulating 20+ hours of learning and professional development.

Now, I am feeling more prepared to teach about advocacy skills in our local context to prepare the parents I work with to advocate on behalf of their children.

― Eng Peng Peng
Medical Social Worker, Singapore

  • Week 1 – Thursday, August 27th, 2020 from 10am 12pm PT
  • Week 2 – Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 from 10am 12pm PT
  • Week 3 – Thursday, September 10th, 2020 from 10am 12pm PT
  • Week 4 – Thursday, September 17th, 2020 from 10am 12pm PT
  • Week 5 – Thursday, September 24th, 2020 from 10am 12pm PT

Each live, weekly, 2-hour program workshop will be recorded so you can watch again later or at a different time if you could not attend.

Leaders will also be available for weekly live 30-minute small group coaching sessions, which will be offered to accommodate participants in different time zones.

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