Making Safety Accessible Thanks to Our Partner, Ability Central

The Safety Powers Project is a series of short lessons – including videos with captions – to help people of all ages with communication challenges to learn and practice ‘People Safety’ skills like:

    • Noticing potential problems, if possible before they start, and making Safety Decisions to help make a problem better instead of bigger
    • Understanding consent and boundaries
    • Setting boundaries and building positive communication with people they know
    • Being persistent in getting help for safety from adult authority figures, even if this person is busy, grumpy, or distracted
    • Thinking and Checking first before doing something unplanned or when faced with the unexpected
    • And much more!

Each Safety Powers Lesson has a video and downloadable practice guide. The guides are written so the skills can be practiced with the help of a support person, educator or caregiver.

Learn Some Skills

Pick A Safety Topic & Watch a Video Lesson

Each topic in these short videos is expertly presented by Kidpower Founder, Irene van der Zande.

1. Click on any of the topics in the list below.

2. Watch the video lesson, which includes short and visual explanations, short role-play videos that show the skills in action, both in settings where spoken language is used and without.

3. Click to turn on closed captioning if you want it.

4. Download the practice guides to practice the skills in your life. Ask a support person to help you practice.

5. Let us know how we are doing! We want to make these resources work well for people who face communication challenges. Your feedback will help us do better.

More topics will be added as we progress.

How are we doing? What else do you need?

Are there additional safety problems you would like us to address?

Also, please tell us what does & does not work for you in the available resources.

We want to make these lessons work well for people with different communication modalities or challenges. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated so we can make them better.

Thank you to our funding partner!

The Safety Powers Project is possible thanks to the generosity of our funding partner:

Ability Central, formerly known as the Disability Communications Fund (DCF), has been making grants and collaborating with community leaders to improve communication and information access for people with disabilities since 2010.

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