Bullying – What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe eBook

Kidpower’s new e-book, “Bullying – What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe” provides practical tools that adults can use right away to prevent and stop bullying behavior in their families, schools, and youth organizations. Written in an entertaining and accessible style, the vivid stories and step-by-step explanations of what to say and do are relevant for addressing bullying with all young people, from toddlers to teenagers, and are even useful in dealing with adult-to-adult bullying. Readers gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use the “People Safety” concepts and skills from the Kidpower in their daily lives.

James Shang, a master Taekwondo instructor in Australia wrote, “Thank you for this wonderful resource that I know will make a significant contribution to the safety of children and will give parents peace of mind. When you consider the impacts of bullying and how it compounds, I feel truly privileged to be able to use your guidance in preventing and stopping bullying, which can easily cascade through generations of family.

“My recommendation will be that every parent in my school buys a copy of the book from your website. I am always very reluctant to say something is cheap or expensive because that is relative to each of our own circumstances. However, for US$12, this book is an absolute bargain. If a parent cannot afford US$12, then I will reduce their monthly training fee for a while so they can buy it! The reality is that I can only be with my students a few hours a week, and their parents need this information all the time.”

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