Kidpower Teaching Kit for Younger Children (ages 3-8)

The Kidpower® Safety Curriculum for Young Kids Teaching Kit is a set of five manuals using black-and-white cartoons and simple language to explain personal safety concepts and skills in an age-appropriate way. The stories and directions make it easy and fun for adults to introduce and practice personal safety skills with children in classrooms and other group settings. The focus is on children ages 3 to 8, but the lessons are relevant for any children who are not old enough to be out on their own or to be left home alone.

“This material prepared me to work on issues I have worried about
for my students but did not know how to address.”

“I know this is supposed to be for younger children but I read the books to my fifth grade class.
These ten-year olds loved the easy stories and funny cartoons and asked for more!”

Topics covered include:

  • An Introduction on How to Teach Safety Skills Using The Kidpower Method™
  • Safety with Feelings and Words
  • Being Powerful to be Safe (including Safety with Cars)
  • Safety with Touch and Teasing
  • Getting Help to be Safe, and Checking First to be Safe (includes Safety with Strangers)
Price: $75.00
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