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Kidpower workshops are joyous, supportive and fun - despite the reasons why child protection skills training is important. We want adults to learn to teach children with joy and compassion. Learning new things, especially to combat harm, requires a supportive and positive approach.

Kidpower workshops are joyous, supportive and fun – despite the reasons why child protection skills training is important. We want adults to learn to advocate for and teach children with joy and compassion. Learning to combat harm without raising anxiety requires a supportive and positive approach.

In 2015, Kidpower Institutes will be held in the following locations:

1. California, near San Francisco, on August 10, 11, and 12 at the California Orientation Center for the Blind in Albany (East Bay).
2. North Carolina on October 5, 6, and 7, at the Redwoods Group training center, Morrisville, North Carolina – near the Raleigh-Durham International airport (RDU).
3. Montreal, Quebec in October – French language.

Reduced fees for early registration now available.

The Kidpower Skills for Child Protection Advocates Training Institute provides professionals, volunteers, parents, and other caring adults with tools for being effective Protectors of Children — and for sharing this knowledge with others.

Our Institute offers a unique opportunity for adults to learn to use Kidpower’s prevention, advocacy, intervention, and personal safety strategies and skills to take charge of the safety and well-being of the children and teens in their personal and professional lives.

Participants develop increased tools for taking leadership to protect young people, including those with special needs, from harm caused by thoughtlessness, neglect, bullying, abuse, or violence within their schools, organizations, youth programs, communities and families. No prior experience with Kidpower workshops or training is necessary to participate in this training.

Too often, we see how the trap of what we call ‘The Illusion of Safety’ and the lack of a few key personal safety skills have led to misery, trauma, and tragedy that could have been prevented. Think of the impact if each adult feels responsible for acting as a Protector of Children for each of the young people in our lives! Imagine the suffering that could be prevented if young people truly knew how to resist being tricked into accepting a ride, had the skills and confidence to intervene or speak up in the moment to stop bullying and abuse, and were prepared to persist in getting help from busy adults.

The Kidpower Child Protection Advocates Training Institute provides participants with an in-depth opportunity to learn from Kidpower’s 25 years of experience in developing and teaching “People Safety” to children, teens, adults, parents, teachers, other professionals, and our own instructors. These “People Safety” skills prepare people to be safe with people at home, at school, online, out in the world… everywhere. They also help strengthen important relationships.

Registration.  For California, contact For North Carolina, contact For Montreal, contact Registration fee of $1050 includes pre-training preparation, the three-day program, and a follow-up meeting by phone, e-mail, or Skype. Participants need to arrange their own lodging, meals, and travel. The earlier you register, the more time you have for pre-training preparation! Fee will be reduced substantially for early registration or for more than one person coming from the same organization or school.

Certificate of Completion: Participants who successfully complete this training will receive a certificate of completion.  Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International is approved by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Continuing Education Provider.

Program Use. Participants who successfully complete this training will be encouraged to teach and use these skills if they agree to follow Kidpower’s Permission to Use Requirements. As long as they acknowledge our organization for use of our program and tell people how to reach us, participants will have permission to say that they have been trained by Kidpower to be “Child Protection Advocates” or “Protectors of Children” and that they are “using or teaching safety skills from the Kidpower program.” However, unless people are certified as instructors by our organization, they do NOT have permission to call themselves “Kidpower Instructors”; say that they are teaching “Kidpower workshops”; or use our copyrighted marketing or program language for promotion or fundraising.  For further information about becoming certified by Kidpower to teach workshops under our auspices, please see our Instructor Training Program.

Filming. Because this is training is conducted with a highly subsidized fee, presentations by the trainers including group practices will be filmed and photographed at this event, which means that participants’ images will be visible. However, we will NOT film or photograph individual participants when they are doing separate practices or discussing specific situations without written prior permission.

To inquire about attending a future Kidpower Child Protection Advocates Training Institute or to organize this one-of-a-kind, 3-day professional training for your organization or in your community, email

Topics addressed include:

  • Kidpower’s Underlying Principle and key child protection strategies.
  • 10 Core “People Safety” Skills to take charge of safety, prevent problems, increase confidence, and develop strong relationships.
  • Kidpower’s Positive Practice Teaching Method to make rehearsing safety skills and coaching use in daily life both successful and fun.
  • Assessment skills for recognizing specific child and teen personal safety issues.
  • Signs, statements, and policies to promote cultures of caring, respect, and safety.
  • Boundary-setting skills for advocating for safety effectively, respectfully, and persistently.
  • Intervention skills for stopping and redirecting unsafe or disrespectful behavior powerfully and respectfully.
  • How to use and teach People Safety, Relationship Safety, and Positive Peer skills to different ages and abilities.
  • Applying Kidpower strategies and skills to address specific problems of bullying, abuse, violence, and other child maltreatment.

“I first learned about Kidpower when I worked as a Child Protection programme manager in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon some years ago. I had the opportunity to invite a Kidpower trainer to work with the social workers who were part of the programme. After observing the workshop, I was convinced that this was the missing link in the programme and that I needed to learn more about Kidpower. While observing the Kidpower workshop, I couldn’t help but think: “How I wish someone had taught me this when I was a kid!” Many of the social workers felt the same way. On a professional level, I realised that this is what had been missing in our programme. Instead of talking about child protection systems and the impact of child abuse, here was a trainer showing the social workers what to DO about it. They practised how to intervene and make a real difference in their daily work with children. It was so empowering. I am hoping to introduce Kidpower skills from the Institute in the Child Resilience trainings we do for Red Cross/Red Crescent volunteers all over the world, so they can pass on their skills to children living in conflict/disaster affected communities.”  Zara Sezberg, Red Cross Trainer

“I have seen firsthand how the Kidpower Positive Practice Teaching Method strengthens skill development by actively engaging students with concepts and questions relevant to them. The Kidpower Institute gave our participating staff members valuable guidance and insights we are integrating in our ongoing process of making PCA trainings as effective, engaging, and relevant as possible. We have also appreciated the opportunity to incorporate ideas from Kidpower’s exceptional safety curriculum into our program.”  Ruben Nieves, Director of Training, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) 

“I came to the Institute to learn more about teaching self protective skills to children and teens. After searching the Internet for resources, i observed that Kidpower articulates the skills they teach well and in a fun and positive way.  Personally, the Kidpower program has helped me to be more aware of the power within me and how I project it. Practicing these skills by using my body and voice was an empowering experience.  It was also fun! I could feel the positive energy of the trainers and the spirit in which the skills are taught. Professionally, the Institute has been very useful as Kidpower names the skills and demonstrated so concretely that I left feeling confident about coaching my patients. Since returning, I have built in coaching these skills or concepts such as “problems should not be secrets” and role played with my patients how to be persistent in getting help from adults as part of safety education and planning with the patients  who were brought in for having experienced suspected child abuse.  I used to think that advocacy is something anyone, especially parents, would do for their children but in my experience, some parents tend to advocate or think about safety less for their children either due to lack of awareness or due to other stressors in their lives. Now, I am feeling more prepared to teach about advocacy skills in our local context to prepare the parents I work with to advocate on behalf of their children.” — Eng Peng Peng, Social Worker, Singapore

“Kidpower has an outstanding track record of teaching parents and other caring adults effective skills without creating fear. As a public safety officer, I strongly believe that a great deal of violence, including bullying and abuse, could be prevented if everyone had these skills.”  Manny Solano, Chief of Police, Watsonville CA City Police Department.

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