Fullpower: Difficult Conversations

Thursday, January 13, 2022 from 12pm-1pm PST via Zoom

Difficult Conversations – How to speak up effectively and respectfully

Lots of times, people tell us:
“I didn’t say anything when I should have.” “I wish I’d said something sooner. “I wish I’d said that differently.” “I was afraid to say anything.”

Fear of upsetting people, getting it wrong, and waiting too long often stop us from having difficult conversations that can help to prevent trouble, solve problems, and improve relationships. This workshop will provide strategies for speaking up with respect, integrity, and clarity with family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. We will practice how to:

  • Use the Kidpower Put Safety First Principle –The safety and well being of each of us are more important than anyone’s embarrassment, inconvenience, or offense – theirs, ours, or some other person’s
  • Use Assertive Advocacy skills because how we speak up makes a difference in how well it works
  • Use the Boundary Bridge for better communication
  • Set boundaries for what we want without “making the other person wrong”
  • Use positive responses to persist in setting boundaries if someone has a negative reaction
  • Manage our emotional triggers so that we stay centered and clear regardless of the other person’s behavior
  • Be strategic about what is realistic, truly important, and the best time and place for a difficult conversation
  • Set up a personal boundaries practice in order to prepare for a difficult conversation

This program for adults and older teens with their adults includes:

  • One-on-one support by email to answer questions before and after the workshop
  • The one-hour workshop plus 30 minutes afterwards for additional questions and practices, and
  • Links to resources – including 30-day access to a video recording of a similar workshop

Workshop Fee: $60/screen
Pre-registration is required as there is limited space.
Partial Scholarships are available

Donations over the amount of workshop fees are tax-deductible. We do not turn anyone away from our workshops for lack of money.

Because practicing together greatly increases the ability to use the skills taught in real life, we strongly recommend that you keep your video and microphone on and practice along with the instructor.

Because participants often raise issues that are not appropriate for children, we strongly recommend that children and younger teens are not able to listen or watch the workshop.

Upon registering, participants will receive a confirmation email with the meeting link and links to resources.

The instructor’s presentation may be recorded for Kidpower use. Participants will not be recorded.

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