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New Kidpower Youth Safety Comics

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Thanks to a partnership with Little Pickle Press, Kidpower is publishing new Safety Comics with more stories and other updated content. 

Kidpower Youth Safety Comics: People Safety Skills for Kids Ages 9 to 14

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Helps answer the question, “How can my older kids stay safe while becoming more independent?” Provides a fun, practical tool for discussion and practices on how to stay safe from bullying, abuse, and violence — and how to avoid difficult or dangerous problems with people you know and people you don’t.  Brings more peace of mind to worried parents.

Contents include:

  • Cartoon-illustrated stories that give young people information they really want to know in an entertaining way. (Sample story download below.)
  • Directions for adults on how to practice personal safety skills with kids ages 9-13.
  • Basic “People Safety” skills for protecting everyone’s emotional and physical well-being.
  • Solutions to common problems such as bullying, stranger safety, and boundary issues.

The tools in this book are most appropriate for youth ages 9 to 14 who are beginning to be more independent in the world. Young people really want to know how to take charge of their safety.  As one mother said, “My 11-year-old took it from me and read it cover to cover!”

View Sample Story – Using Our Personal Power

We also have our Kidpower Safety Comics: People Safety Skills for Children Ages 3 to 10.

All income from books sales goes to help our nonprofit organization cover the cost of publication and of providing educational resources.



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