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Kidpower Safety Comics for Older Kids Ages 9-13

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Helps answer the question, “How can my older kids stay safe while becoming more independent?” Provides a fun, practical tool for discussion and practices on how to stay safe from bullying, abuse, and violence — and how to avoid difficult or dangerous problems with people you know and people you don’t.  Brings more peace of mind to worried parents.

Contents include:

  • Cartoon-illustrated stories that give young people information they really want to know in an entertaining way. (Sample story download below.)
  • Directions for adults on how to practice personal safety skills with kids ages 9-13.
  • Basic “People Safety” skills for protecting everyone’s emotional and physical well-being.
  • Solutions to common problems such as bullying, stranger safety, and boundary issues.

The tools in this book are most appropriate for youth ages 9 to 13 who are beginning to be more independent in the world. Young people really want to know how to take charge of their safety.  As one mother said, “My 11-year-old took it from me and read it cover to cover!”

View Sample Story – Using Our Personal Power

We also have our Kidpower Safety Comics for Adults With Younger Children Ages 3-10.

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All income from books sales goes to help our nonprofit organization cover the cost of publication and of providing educational resources.

Thank you to Ian Price of Price Watkins Media for cover design – and for creating our Kidpower logo!



Price: $12.00
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