Kidpower Safety Signals

Simple gestures, words, and drawings that make it easy to teach, learn, and remember Kidpower’s key safety skills

Calm Down Power

Kidpower Safety Signals are simple gestures, words, and drawings that make it easy to teach, learn, and remember the key interpersonal safety strategies, concepts, and skills we teach to children, teens, and adults, including those with special needs, of many different cultures around the world.

walk-away-power mouth-closed-power hands-and-feet-down-power get-help-power hang-on-power

You can use our 30 Kidpower Safety Signals to teach social safety skills and concepts for how to:

  • Prevent and stop trouble with people
  • Take charge of our feelings, words, feelings, and bodies
  • Build better relationships
  • Take charge of our safety out in public
  • Develop healthy boundaries with people we know

Once people have learned these ideas and skills, the Kidpower Safety Signals can serve as reminders to coach their use in daily life.

You can either use our form below or join our free community library to download a PDF of our 30 Kidpower Safety Signals for the above topics with graphics and directions for their use. (Click here to request our new Spanish edition!)

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To see how the Kidpower Safety Signals work in action, take a look at these two videos created in partnership with Hope Developmental Services showing the use of the Kidpower Safety Signals by adults with developmental disabilities in making safety plans for going out:

Watch videos of Kidpower Executive Director and Founder Irene van der Zande explaining how to teach the Kidpower Safety Signals:

Thank you to the Special Hope Foundation for the three-year pilot program funding of this ground-breaking Bridges to ‘People Safety’ Project. Thank you to the Cisco Systems Foundation for supporting the development of the project’s educational micro-videos.

For more information about Kidpower’s resources for teaching these People Safety Skills and concepts, please visit our online Library (free community membership) and our RelationSafe™ Bookstore.

Our Safety Signals PDF is now available in Spanish!

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