Kidpower has been providing positive, skill-building ‘People Safety’ education programs to prevent and solve problems with people since 1989 ― adapted for all ages, abilities, and walks of life ― and used by millions of people to successfully to create cultures of respect and safety and to prevent and stop harm all over the world:

Why Choose Kidpower?

Evidence-Based Programs

Studies show that Kidpower Programs “improve participants’ safety skills knowledge, using best practices in victimization risk-reduction and prevention.” Check out the Research!

FUN — Not Scary!

Just talking about dangerous situations or hearing or seeing news about bad things that have happened increases anxiety and puts images into the heads of kids as well as sensitive adults that are emotionally unsafe. Practicing what to do and how to do it in ways that are fun and interesting increases both confidence and competence. Learn more about Kidpower’s Positive Practice™ Aproach.

Global Adaptability and Cultural Competence

The Kidpower Method resonates around the world. Professionals and NGOs work with us to adapt the Kidpower method of teaching interpersonal safety skills for their cultures and to learn how to bring our program to bring greater safety to the communities and people they serve. Find a Kidpower Center near you. Learn about starting a local center or becoming an authorized provider to bring Kidpower skills your community.

11 Languages and Growing!

Many of our resources are translated into Spanish – and a growing number are also translated into French, Vietnamese, Dutch, German, Swedish, Romanian, Arabic, and Hebrew – all translated by committed volunteers – contact us to help!

Comprehensive Curriculum (preK-12)

There are many options for learning how to use Kidpower’s exceptional interpersonal safety curriculum through our extensive online library, teaching books, partnerships, and training programs. We provide training and licensing for a wide range of schools and organizations.

Cartoon-Illustrated Books and Teaching Tools

Have fun introducing and teaching safety skills! Our books, lessons, posters, homework assignments, and other teaching tools offer step-by-step role plays and engaging cartoon stories to help adults present the ideas and encourage children to learn and practice vital safety skills in a way that’s fun and age-appropriate.

Inclusive & Respectful

We welcome people of any age, culture, religion, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, any kind of disability, political belief, nationality, marital status, or level of income, who share our commitment to integrity and safety for everyone and who can join us in upholding our values. We provide programs tailored for people who face greater risks because of disabilities, mental health problems, or other life challenges, such as prejudice, homelessness, poverty, or being elderly.

A Global Movement to Protect & Empower Youth

Join with us in promoting Child Protection Advocacy around the world – and special actions in September for International Child Protection Month!

Non-Profit Mission

Kidpower is a very diverse organization where people of many different political views, faiths, and cultures share a strong common vision: To work together to create cultures of caring, respect, and safety for everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to teach people of all ages and abilities how to use their power to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in themselves.

Professional Development Training

We provide safety leadership training for adults to protect and empower their own students, clients, patients, consumers, families, and communities using Kidpower skills, strategies, and methods. Learn more!

I have seen first-hand the effectiveness of the Kidpower training in building community safety and in giving people effective skills for preventing domestic and relationship violence, abuse, and abduction. The training that Kidpower created for our officers was extremely useful in giving them more tools as ‘front-line’ social workers who are often needing to help people in crisis.

― Manny Solano
Former Chief of Police,
Watsonville Police Department and Head of San Jose Police Academy

Resource Library Membership

Become a Kidpower Resource Library Member to get easy access to hundreds of articles, podcasts, videos, and downloadable posters, handouts and more! Join Us!

“Kidpower gives me peace of mind!”  — A parent

Learn about Kidpower’s Resources and Curriculum for Schools

“It was fun!” — A kid

What I learned in Kidpower saved my life!— an adult Fullpower student

We are proud of our record as a nonprofit!


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All gifts to Kidpower will be MATCHED now through Midnight, December 1st!

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