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Bullying Prevention and Positive Peer Communication Skills

Stranger Safety and Kidnapping Prevention

Stop Child Abuse with Knowledge, Action and Skills

Protect kids at school from bullying, abuse and violence

Take a Kidpower class!

We provide workshops for families, schools, organizations, and communities through our Centers, Offices, and Affiliates in California and over 20 other U.S. and international locations.

The Kidpower Book

A comprehensive guide, which puts decades of Kidpower experience at your fingertips. Learn how to protect children and teens from bullying, abuse and other violence and teach them to protect themselves.

Featured Video: One Million Safer Kids

See Kidpower in action in this 5-minute video. Share the video to help us reach and help protect a million more kids from bullying, abuse, and violence.

Kidpower is a TOP RATED 2015 nonprofit organization- read or write a review on the Great Nonprofits website

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